A dinner proposal

Friday’s dinner was supposed to be special. But we didn’t know just how special it would be. Earlier, we learned French Chef Reynald Tel was no longer cooking at the By The Way, or Bourbon and Bull bar. Too bad. But we also learned he was trying to expand his catering business. So naturally we invited him over to cook. Just a little French Style tasting. Which turned into 8 courses with appropriate French wine pairings. Oh my. Words fail.
So, watch this in HD for full effect. Originally edited to Edith Piaf “La Vie En Rose,” from 1946, which you would think would be Public Domain or at least fair Use for Non Commercial. But YouTube won’t let you see that version, so here’s an alternate. If you start the video with sound off, then click on link (above) for Edith Piaf, you can almost hear it as intended. It won’t sync up, but you’ll get the gist of it.

As spectacular as dinner was, it was only the prelude the to main event. Unknown to anyone but himself, Aaron Rader planned to propose to Erin Murphy at this dinner. He asked to play a DVD he’d brought with him. And this is what we saw.

She said yes.

It was a fantastic night. Here is the tasting menu, which is a fun read.
And De Reynald Catering can be reached at (530) 710 4098, for events and cooking lessons. Highly recommended, shall we say!
De Reynald catering

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