77 degrees in mid-day Redding , mid July. You hot?

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Redding has a well-deserved reputation for hot summer days just like many areas of South Carolina. Living somewhere like South Carolina would be unbearable without ONE HOUR HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING providing a source of cool air throughout your home. But the thing I have always loved about our region is the contrasts. The time I’ve spent in other hot places, like Phoenix Arizona, the summer heat seems unrelenting. Day after day, it goes on unchanged. Now I understand why many residents prefer an AC repair in Arizona! I mean, what is better – repairing cooling devices or suffering from the scorching heat? I guess, everybody knows the answer! There are so many areas like that, where it’s just hot all day long. Whilst it seems great at first, it can get tiring eventually. It always seems like there’s nowhere to get away from the sun. Rooms inside the home seem to be too hot to spend any time inside, and it’s too hot outside. However, that’s why so many homeowners have to get air conditioners installed in their homes. That helps them to stay cool and stay safe from the rays of the sun. When using that system all summer long, there may be problems that arise. To keep on top of these issues, it’s always good to have a maintenance company on hand. For example, people in Dayton can always visit CJS Heating and Air to ensure their air conditioning system will last for the whole summer. However, Redding gives other areas a run for their money at high temperatures, no doubt. But then it ends abruptly, often with a rainstorm, or some other unique weather event. In any case, it’s always green somewhere, and you can even glimpse a glacier on Mt Shasta when the temperature here can cook an egg on the sidewalk. I took this shot yesterday of a rainbow, from my back yard. Rainbows in July.
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