“Carmageddon” effects felt as far north as Redding

Real Estate in Redding CA These images taken today show literally dozens of cars packing Redding’s major downtown arterial streets like salmon in a stream, clearly reflecting the tense situation in the Golden state. The well publicized closure of the 405 Freeway in LA is having ripple effects across the entire state. “Just crossing town takes 4, sometimes 5 minutes,” exclaimed one clearly frustrated driver. Cross town trips that might ordinarily take 3 minutes if you hit the lights right were dragging into what seemed like a several minute eternity. Then there was parking. “I was unable to park directly in front the business I was patronizing like I usually do,” said one exasperated shopper. “I had to park several spaces away. Unimaginable.”
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Carpocalypse now. It’s Really Redding.

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