Facebook is the new AOL

That’s the conclusion of this article about Facebook by John Dvorak, a columnist I often agree with. Coincidentally, local blogger Marc Beauchamp brings up the point about how businesses are using Facebook, perhaps to the detriment of the economy. Perhaps even more ominous, Henry Blodget does a good job of pointing out how the US Treasury is blowing up a Facebook valuation bubble via Goldman Sachs, using your money of course. We all know how government sponsored bubbles end.
I use Facebook, because it’s required in my line of work to be out there interacting with people, and if people are on Facebook, so be it. (Friend me!) It’s work related. But every time I log in, I confess to being baffled by the attraction. And I am very disturbed at how easily ordinary people give out so much personal information to a privately held corporation who has repeatedly shown their intent to profit by it. Of course, now if the planned profit doesn’t appear, a “too big to fail” firm will want a bailout from the government. We let this happen. Again.
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