Awkward family photos for our ’80s Christmas cards

Daughter Erin has been getting some mileage on Facebook posting our family Christmas card images from the ’80s, and labeling them awkwardly for a laugh. Actually, they are pretty amusing in retrospect. Growing up Murphy meant that you couldn’t just have a “normal” family photo. Oh no. It had to be some unique creative expression. Of course, not every kid grows up with a paper-mâché T-Rex in their yard with flashlights for eyes, so the scenes may have raised an eyebrow or two. But it was the ’80s, you know. A different time. Anyway, laugh if you must. We certainly did when we made them. Click to embiggen.

Even the dog can't believe it.

Awkward family Christmas photos. If you don’t have any, well, sorry. We have plenty.

Merry Christmas from ReallyRedding.

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