Need 2 Speed in Redding
We’ve been members of the Redding Chamber of Commerce since 2005. I never thought of myself as a “chamber” type person, but it’s actually a pretty good thing, and I’ve learned a lot. Once a week, many members meet for what’s called Greeters. It’s always on Thursday mornings at 8:00 am, and always at a different local business. This week it was at Need2Speed.
amusement in redding
At Greeters we showcase the host business for a few minutes, and then pass the microphone around and greet one another. Just say who you are and a few words and pass the mic. Sounds goofier than it really is. Although it is certainly goofy too…
Greeters in Redding
I think it plays on our need for familiarity. It doesn’t take all that much to feel connected to people. Some people you hear week after week, and it really helps put a face to the name. Most are small business owners. I thought the gatherings would get to be smaller as the economy has slowed, but it has been just the opposite. Attendance seems to be way up, as we all network harder, I guess.
Chamber of commerce in redding
After the meeting we were offered the chance to race at Need2Speed for half price. Erin and her friend Lucky took a few laps. Need2Speed is really a terrific facility. The g-forces of the racers is every bit as powerful as any sports car. They can host parties there, and more. It’s really quite the destination. For me it was kind of weird to think that they were racing on a track in what used to be Dickers department store. The speed blurred photo at the top of the post is Lucky, and below is Erin.
Erin Murphy in redding
Erin Murphy of the The Address Realty

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