Madness, Apocalypse, and bloggery

Noticed an interesting juxtaposition at the blog section of this morning. First, Doug Craig posting about the recent wake-up call represented by Hurricane Sandy. Followed by David Benda wondering which corporate chain would be open first for Black Friday, our cultural celebration of consumer excess.
blogs at redding.comMidnight Madness indeed. It seems every year somebody is injured or even killed trying to buy some cheap Chinese shit, on the day after Thanksgiving, no less. Thanks for that. Meanwhile, our entire consumer based economy may be dooming the planet to an uncontrolled science experiment with possible lethal results for ours and other species.

Black Friday indeed.

Climate change isn’t on the agenda this political season. Understandable. No pleasant alternatives to the consumer economy come to mind in our current culture. I suppose we are all just going to discover together the results of our present science experiment on this planetary atmosphere. Anyway, thanks, for the jangling disconnect. I think.

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