No hurricanes in Redding today

We wish only the best for our east coast readers. Please stay safe in the face of Frankenstorm today.
Just a helpful reminder though, if you’re starting to think you’ve had enough. Redding doesn’t get horrific nor-Easters, or whatever you call these massive super storms that shut you down. We are enjoying 70’s, and blue skies today. if you are thinking relocating to someplace more sane, or at least somewhat less life threatening, please contact us. We know a lot about real estate in Redding. This is a great place to live. Especially if you have a business to run.
Give it some thought. Meanwhile click on this 24 hr timelapse from today in Maryland. Watch the water level on the dock.
Edit: Well, apparently this video clip updates every 24 hrs. Still interesting to watch. The original post saw a gazebo at the end of the dock gradually flooding. Today we see it has vanished entirely. Our hearts go out to all the victims of this terrible storm.

As seen originally:

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