Boot Hill graveyard…

…became the Buckeye Pioneer Cemetery. A rainy day seems appropriate for a few images.
Buckeye Pioneer Cemetery in Redding CAThere’s only this one marker. The names date from the late 1800s. The entire site is just a parcel amongst homes on Irish Road just north of Redding.
Buckeye Pioneer Cemetery in Redding CABuckeye Pioneer Cemetery in Redding CAHardscrabble lives came to rest here on Boot Hill. Ghosts in the live oaks…

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  1. Charlene Peckinpaugh says:

    The Buckeye Pioneer Cemetery was nothing but an overgrown plot of land. I got a group of people together, and we cleaned the lot out. We only found three original headstones. I later go a list from the Historical Society, showing some names of people who were buried there. Then went to different businesses asking for things, like the monument, matching bench, and I given all the walkway and wheelchair ramp, the 480 feet of six foot Cyclone Fencing, a double swing gate, and also a six foot high Pedestrian gate. The two signs identifying the cemetery also.
    I did this work to give back to my hometown, and I am proud of my accomplishments.

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