Esperanza's Tamales

Esperanza's Tamales
Esperanza and Luis sell their Tamales at the Farmer’s Market in Redding. A yummy tamal in the morning makes the rest of the day go well (just $2). They have beef, pork, chicken, and a veggie version. All good. We like them all. You can get their salsa, and put on red or green sauce, and sour creme even. Delicious. Then, take home a half dozen or so fresh ones for dinner later (just $10). Steam them up, and wow. Wow.
As an aside, Redding based Esperanza Tamales only sells at Farmer’s markets. While they would like to have a storefront operation, they just don’t have the means to put that together. Hmm. Maybe you have an empty storefront in town. You’re not alone. There’s about a million square feet of empty commercial space in Redding. Maybe you could make these folks a deal. Low startup, moving to a better net as they build. Could be a better option for your other tenants than just another marijuana collective. Or maybe a good addition to an otherwise vacant strip mall. These tamales generate traffic. Just ask the other vendors at the Farmer’s Market. They all eat here. Call Esperanza (530) 222 8541 if this idea started some gears moving in your mind.
I’d eat there.
Esperanza's Tamales
Really Redding

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