Antlers Bridge replacement in Lakehead is a colossal structure

I don’t think these photos quite capture the scale of this mammoth construction project began in 2009, and located about 20 miles north of Redding. Also, my shots are blurry since I was just waving my camera around while riding up Interstate 5. You can’t really see it very well while whizzing by at speed, so I thought I’d try to capture it on camera.

Below, you can see a worker in orange on a lift at lower right, for scale. These folks are working a hundred feet (a total guess) in the air. Click to slightly enlarge.


And then these two completely separate structures have to perfectly meet in the air. Impressive work!


Below, you can see the giant fish bas-relief in concrete. I suppose it will be only visible from the lake.


Here’s a better look at the artwork, an image taken from the Cal Trans Antlers Bridge Replacement Project website where you can get a much better view of the work.Bridge Antler Fish

The Cal Trans website also had this interesting historical image of the original Antlers bridge construction from 1941.
Bridge Antler 1941The sparse vegetation seen in historical photos is always striking to me. The Northstate was much more fire-safe back in the day.

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