Armando’s Gallery House in Redding

A dinner at Armando’s Gallery House is unlike anything you are otherwise liable to experience in Redding.
Armando Mejorado is a Redding artist, who works in a broad range of media. He opened an art gallery in a charming building on the Promenade, and began hosting parties. The parties turned into regular food servings and wine pairing. In addition, you can paint on Thursdays. Have some wine with friends and go to work on canvas. It’s incredibly unique and special.

They offer a prix fixe menu, from which you may order a la carte. You can find out what’s on Armando’s restaurant menu on any given night via Facebook. Armando’s seems only to rely on word of mouth and social media to get the word out. They encourage online sharing and interaction. At FB, you can see images of his past special events. Check out the recent Burlesque event for Valentines Day.

When you step inside and get a table, the attentive staff suggests you get up and walk around for a look. The decor changes continually. Downstairs, Armando has a gallery showing of his work. It reveals depth and authenticity seldom glimpsed.

I published about Armando’s Gallery House Morroccan Dinner a while back, thinking it was a one time event. It seems the events proved popular, and turned into nightly gatherings. It’s fabulous for private parties.

Armando’s doesn’t simply blur the lines between culinary arts and fine art. It acknowledges they are one and the same.

Here’s the thing:

Like any art gallery showing, something this special has a beginning and an end.
Premier and Finale.

I suggest you get down there right away, before the moment is gone forever. Don’t wait and let the opportunity slip away.
1350 Butte St Redding, California (530) 768-1241

Armando’s is Really Redding.

Armandos Gallery

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