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Everybody has one, this is my $.02

Oh, those Oregon kids

Every year, I like seeing the videos produced by Oregon college kids letting off steam at Lake Shasta. Youth! Unfortunately this year was marred by social media images of trash left behind from partygoers. That’s too bad. Slaughterhouse Island in … Continue reading

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Heavy river flows in Redding

After 4 years of drought, it really is somewhat disturbing to watch high water flows in the Sacramento River as it flows past lovely Redding California. Knowing the water won’t be stored downstream for later in our hot Summer. Drawing … Continue reading

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Bold action to protect future generations

To me, the danger seems clear enough. Some won’t agree. Even if you don’t, the potential calamity that awaits our grandkids is too much to risk. And so we must err to the side of caution in any event. This … Continue reading

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Welcome to Redding. We have water.

Sometimes the war drums of the drought campaign ring hollow in River City. I am 100% for saving water (see how I ripped out my back lawn and replaced it with decomposed granite). But Redding is not in the desert. We have … Continue reading

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Our deep sympathy to Tunisia and the families

We visited Tunisia just about exactly one year ago. Easily the most striking aspect of the visit was how proud the people we met were of having become a democracy in 2011. Clearly conveying that they wanted to be a … Continue reading

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Even Sacramento wants to ride a train to Redding and beyond

This article about daylight passenger rail service in the Northstate appeared recently in The Bee. It’s an attractive concept. And it’s been done before. Some time back in a more graceful age, you could ride the Shasta Daylight from Redding. … Continue reading

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In opposition to the Moody Flats Quarry

Every citizen of Shasta County should read the draft  Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed Moody Flat Quarry north of Shasta Lake City. They are taking written public comments until December 18, and you need to voice your opinion. … Continue reading

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Yes on Measure B rally strikes an optimistic chord

A few images from today’s enthusiastic Yes on B rally! The measure seeks voter approval to enable that a 4 Star Sheraton Hotel be built on this patch of shovel ready dirt. Dirt which currently produces ZERO revenue. We need … Continue reading

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High speed rail to Redding

My friend Dave Rowney posted an image on Facebook that sparked my imagination. Okay, so this is actually the TGV train from Paris to Barcelona. And then I added the Redding destination sign. A person can dream. I’ve posted about … Continue reading

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Growing California larger instead of splitting it north and south

There’s been talk (again) of splitting California in two, north and south. What if a better idea is to grow California into a larger nation/state instead? Would the trade-offs inherent in becoming a larger western state be offset by the … Continue reading

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