New Covid-19 variant roars into town

So there’s a new Covid strain in town coined the Delta Variant, which apparently packs a virus load in the sinus that can be 1000 times higher than the original virus. It’s much more contagious, with predictable results in hospitalizations:

Shasta County Covid 8-23-2021

Recent hospitalizations are now more than the prior peak last Winter. I wrote here in Spring that things seemed to be improving, and so was the mood. Now infection rates are rapidly worsening,  just as kids are now back in school. Back during that first spike in late 2020, we went into a lockdown to “bend the curve” and avoid overtaxing the hospitals. Now, there is no official response, and seemingly no politically acceptable way to re-impose a new lockdown. Worse, a free and widely available FDA approved vaccine that we didn’t have during that last spike is being shunned by a significant number of county residents.

My Facebook feed is festooned with hard core anti-vaxxers, not just the vaccine hesitant. Nobody can change their opinion.

So it looks like we are in for a rough ride, especially our frontline medical workers. Sorry!

A very American explanation

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