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Turning off the comments at redding.com

I discovered this by accident. Recently, redding.com switched using Facebook to host their reader comments. For a while, I saw no comments on any article. It was a revelation. I really don’t care that much what a random group of … Continue reading

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Shasta County retail food facility inspection results

How healthy is that restaurant? Some eastern cities we’ve seen, restaurants have health inspection results posted where you can see them. Here in Shasta County, you can view the health inspection history online. Link to the Retail Food Facility Inspection … Continue reading

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Cutting the cord in Redding

It just wears you down. The cable bill was really high every month, but our actual time spent watching TV was shrinking. Every month, paying for channels we never watch. It was like going to a restaurant and being forced … Continue reading

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Crystals inside Lassen Peak make Wired Magazine

Here’s some interesting research results about nearby Mt Lassen recently published in Wired Magazine. “This National Science Foundation-funded project at the Lassen Volcanic Center looked at the three most recent eruptions from Lassen Peak and Chaos Crags – the 1915 … Continue reading

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Jefferson Backroads magazine

I picked up one of these free magazines recently. “A happy little publication.” Based in Grenada, this magazine and their Jefferson Backroads website are filled with smalltown ads and articles from around the Northstate. I see a particular emphasis on … Continue reading

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ShastaShots.com is a candle in the darkness

Author Carl Sagan described a “demon haunted world,” where fear drives people to make foolish and unscientific choices. As for me, I am old enough to have met an actual child stricken with Polio. Yesterday, when I took my mom … Continue reading

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Redding League of Women Voters forum on Open Government

How much is too much Open Government? Can there even be too much open exchange in a free democratic society? Serious questions in an era of Wikileaks, with its demonstrated effects on some governments. Ponder these important questions and more … Continue reading

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