Crystals inside Lassen Peak make Wired Magazine

Here’s some interesting research results about nearby Mt Lassen recently published in Wired Magazine.
Wired Lassen

“This National Science Foundation-funded project at the Lassen Volcanic Center looked at the three most recent eruptions from Lassen Peak and Chaos Crags – the 1915 Lassen Peak dacite, the 1,100 year old Chaos Crags rhyodacite and the 27,000 year old Lassen Peak dacite (see above). Of those three eruption, the 1915 is the most famous and the 100th anniversary of that eruption is around the corner. However, it was tiny, coming in at just short of 0.01 cubic kilometers. The eruption at Chaos Crags was 100 times larger while the 27,000 year old eruption of Lassen Peak was over 200 times larger.”

Wow, bet that was impressive. Still, happy not to witness it in person.

BTW Here is Lassen today, with just a bit of snow. More please! Click on the image for their webcam.
Lassen webcam 12-5-14

Mt Lassen from Lake Shasta by Skip Murphy

Mt Lassen from Lake Shasta by Skip Murphy

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