12 Angry Men at Riverfront Playhouse

Just returned from “12 Angry Men” at Riverfront Playhouse. Brilliant concept and execution! An immersive experience. Really hits home if you’ve ever served on a jury. The superb acting just draws you in. Runs until July 7. Highly recommended. More at https://www.riverfrontplayhouse.net/

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Redding is a cool resort town

Driving around downtown, and bicycling the Sacramento River trail, it’s sometimes easy to forget Redding is also a world class resort town near one of the biggest recreational lakes in California. Our busy season starts Memorial Day weekend. Here are some recent scenes from a couple marinas on the Pit Arm all ready for the 2018 seasonal rush.

Only a few days until high season. The economy has been cooking along, lateley. We’ll start seeing some high-end/big-money boats this weekend. New money from out of town. All part of the fun.

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The Sundial in our lives

Dramatically rising from Redding’s verdant canopy of riparian trees, the brilliant white gnomon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnomon) of the Sundial Bridge is visible for miles. An enormous and poignant timepiece that serves to remind all: Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat. (All hours wound; the last one kills)

We are allotted roughly 28,000 days on this earthly plane. The last hour for each of us will prove fatal. Every day, upon glimpsing our Sundial reminder, we recognize Tempus fugit. Time flies…

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Sundial Bridge from above the Sacramento River in Winter

The post title says it all. We got a little break in the weather and so I went looking for something to photograph. 

 Same view from a lower altitude.

Here’s a couple fishermen casually discussing something or another, while standing in the middle of the river.

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Early Spring on the Sacramento River Trail in Redding

Out for a bike ride on a nice day at the trail, I happened upon a duck standing on a turtle.

Turtles and ducks, just hanging out. That’s Really Redding.

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Good morning Redding, at 32F.

Taken on a late February morning. About 32 f.

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Superb Owl Sunday

Spotted these acrobatically inclined individuals north of the Sundial Bridge, whilst there was some sort of big game on TV.

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Because we can

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The Hilltop Drive trailhead to Sacramento River Trail

Hike Redding! Image captured during a break in the weather on a January day from above the Hilltop Dive trailhead to the river trail. This section of trail gets plenty of use. You can park on Hilltop and be rewarded with a pleasant aerobic walk down to the river and back. Click to enlarge:

Here’s the trailhead on a sunnier day.

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Chamise Peak Trail delivers a splendid perspective

A rare view that includes both Castle Crags on the left, and the 3 Shastas to the right. A perspective gained from the top of the Chamise Peak Trail just north of Redding. The Chamise Peak Trail is considered “easy.” I guess that depends on your skills. It’s only about 2.6 miles one way, but it does rise about 600 ft. Most of the trail is wide and smooth, but towards the peak it gets more narrow and rocky.
Still, the results are worth the effort. Follow Flanagan Road off Lake Boulevard west to the end, to the trailhead.

A pleasant hike rewards hikers with new perspectives. The Chamise Peak Trail. It’s Really Redding.

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