A celebration of life at Redding Dragstrip

The words across from the Really Redding header says “Life and all in Redding California.” So, “all” includes end of life as well. This is a cross-post from the Redding Dragstrip website. I wrote of a memorial service for my friend Bob Lidell.

It was a picture perfect Fall day yesterday at the Redding Dragstrip, as friends and family came together to celebrate and reflect on the life of track President Bob Lidell, who passed away unexpectedly last Monday. And although I don’t usually take photos at this kind of gathering, I felt this was an exception. Bob was a community figure, as evidenced by the large turnout.
Bob3smClick on these to enlarge a bit, if you like. Bob’s race car served as a metaphor, and Paul Warner spoke eloquently that none of us knows where or when the finish line to our race will come.Bob4Bob was a Vietnam Veteran, and received all due respect.Bob5It was a time for somber reflection. Bob’s immediate family offers a toast.Bob2But it was a celebration too, and there were a few light moments. Somebody played Bob’s cell phone message over the P.A. It was good to hear his voice again.
But then the disembodied phone company message finished by telling us that Bob’s voicemailbox was full, and would be accepting no more messages. That sounded like Bob, alright. He was a perpetually busy guy. Going full blast, right up to the finish line.Bob1I posted a bit of the ceremony so you can get the essence of it.R.I.P. Bob Lidell. You will be greatly missed. You were ReallyRedding.

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