Record Searchlight goes retro to celebrate anniversary

If you haven’t seen it, today’s local newspaper looks pleasingly retro. The Redding Record Searchlight is formatted to look like an older version of itself in celebration of their 75th year of publication.RetroRecordSearchlightClick to enlarge slightly. What they really needed to do to get authentic was put some kids on the street waving the issue around in morning traffic.
Newsaper boy Redding Record

Newspaper boy Searchlight

NewspaperBoy Searchlight

Nrewspaper boy 2 Record


Our community needs a strong daily. Our civilization requires an informed citizenry. Happy 75th, Record Searchlight. Carry on.

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2 Responses to Record Searchlight goes retro to celebrate anniversary

  1. My Dad fondly recalls his first job, at age 11 in the early 1940s, selling newspapers — dodging in and out of traffic, because that’s where the money was — in LA at Hollywood and Vine. And these days “tag” is too dangerous a game for kids…..and we call it progress. 🙂 Nice post.

    • Skip Murphy says:

      Amazing to think how improbable it would be today to send a kid into the street to sell newspapers. I had several “paper routes” as a kid, delivering by bike all over the place. I also recall the sting of getting stiffed by a customer. That money came right out of my pocket. Early lessons in real life you won’t get from a video game.

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