Troxell’s Big Red Orchard – apples in abundance

Head out Highway 299 east from Redding for about 34 miles. Just past the Montgomery Creek School on the right, you’ll find Troxell’s Big Red Orchard. That’s the place to go to buy fresh apples. (530) 337-6699


Troxells6Troxells5Gerald Troxell will help you figure out which apple will work best for your particular appetite, or for what cooking plans you have in mind. They’ve got all the popular varieties. The Round Mountain/Montgomery Creek microclimate has always been well suited to apple orchards.

“A is for apple, shiny and round.”

Bag them yourself, a dollar fifty a pound.

(Edit) OMG You just have to try the King David variety!

Call for details (530) 337-6699

Get your Fall produce from the source. It’s Really Redding.


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10 Responses to Troxell’s Big Red Orchard – apples in abundance

  1. Jean Stevenson says:

    Do you sell an apple to Pitman & Davis that has a tag on it calling it a Big Red?

  2. Dean Maylott says:

    Hey Jerry,
    It’s nice to hear the orchard is doing great… I remember when my dad and I lived there. I remember when I talked you into starting the orchard back up. Driving the tractor to hook up water pipes.. great memories and most delicious apples.

    Dean Maylott

  3. Skip@RR says:

    Hi Dean. Delicious apples indeed! I hope Jerry reads your comment.

  4. Debbie says:

    This is my Uncle & Aunts place. It is a great place to buy apples. There is a error though, you may not pick apples from the trees ( insurance, will not allow), but you may select the apples you would like from the many types of apples, from the boxes, inside the store at the orchard. If some how this would get corrected, it would be great, as they have been having customers very disappointed, because they are not allowed to pick from the trees.
    You may also buy apples from the farmers market on Sat. in Redding.
    Thank you so much

    • Skip@RR says:

      Hi Debbie. Sorry for that error. I changed the post accordingly. Good to hear that people are seeing it at least, and maybe bringing a few more folks to the orchard. Thanks for your help!

  5. Millie Self says:

    Hi jerry,
    Always wondered how you are doing!
    Good to see your still selling those apples!
    Boys talk about the old times we had there.
    Best apes ever, “kind david” the best.
    I still have the article and picture of jeremiah in the record searchlight news paper.
    Take care, millie

  6. Rene says:

    When are the apples available, any particular dates?

    • admin says:

      Probably in the Fall. Not sure of dates. Soon, hopefully. If I see them at the Redding Farmer’s Market again this year, I’ll ask.

  7. Floyd Jordan says:

    Hello Jerry, my name is Floyd. I delivered auto partshow with you @ Ryder logistics. We drove out of Richmond CA. I remember coming back from the Idaho/Oregon route and we stopped at several tractor dealerships as you were looking to purchase a tractor. You were one of the best drivers I had the pleasure of working with. I’m glad the orchards are producing. If I am ever in the area, and I hope to be, I’ll stop by for some apples. I believe harvest time should be wonderful. Take care and be well.

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