Have Kayak, will shoot

Shoot photos, that is. Redding photographer Jim Duckworth jumps in his kayak to get up close and personal with the beautiful scenery and wildlife to be found in the Northstate. Here are some samples of his work.

Duckworth Osprey

Duckworth Eagle2
Duckworth bird
Duckworth Pelicans2Duckworth young bird1

We are blessed in Redding in that we are located so near to so much natural beauty and wildlife. Several of these shots seen here were taken at Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park, which is located about 80 miles east of Redding. Ahjumawi is not well known across the state, so you can find yourself some real solitude and glimpses of the natural world without much civilization.

Getting good results in wild places is truly challenging. It’s one thing to make the commitment to going where the subjects can be found, and bringing your equipment. Quite another thing to capture the moment with clarity and intention. Here, we see the high quality results speak for themselves. You can see more of Jim Duckworth’s fine photography at his Facebook page.
Self portrait Jim Duckworth
Thanks for letting me share these images here, Jim. It’s Really Redding.

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7 Responses to Have Kayak, will shoot

  1. Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park is only accessible by boat, usually a canoe or kayak. It is a beautiful wild place with early native american artifacts, such as fish traps, grinding holes, etc., and is home to lots of wildlife.. Fed by underground springs the water coming in is crystal clear, but quickly turns dark due to algae. Great picnic areas for a lunch stop. Alsoover night camping, but take bug spray! Pick up a map at the Burney Falls State Park.

  2. Chuck Prudhomme says:

    Great site great pics Jim!

  3. Bruce Ross says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing these, Skip, And, you know, thanks to the amazing photographer for making them.

    Almost 20 years in this county and I’ve still never made the opportunity to get out and paddle Ahjumawi. Are there kayak rentals in McArthur?

    • Thanks Bruce. No rentals in McArthur. Rent a kayak at Headwaters Adventure Kayak store in Redding on Merchant Street near Lowes. Turn left on Main st. in McArthur and follow the dirt road for about 4 miles to the put-in place at Ahjujmawi. (Called Big Lake)

  4. patrick coleman says:

    Jim is a great guy…….I should know, We ‘grew up together’ in the 1950’s
    Great photo’s, Jim
    I spent 2 years in Okinawa in Photo Recon. RF-101 air force big,big cameras.
    It has been a while since RV travels (mountain gate RV park)
    Thanks Jim Pat & Dorothy Coleman Long Beach

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