Carter House lodgings in Eureka

Eureka is a few hours drive west from Redding, but it might as well be another country in terms of climate and culture. So it’s always such a welcome break to get away to the Northcoast once in a while. We booked a night at the Carter House Inns the other day, and I’m posting some images. Below, the main building that houses the Hotel Carter and the Restaurant 301.

Carter House Inn<Carter receptionAbove, the main lobby of the hotel, with some appetizers.

Carter buildings

Seen above are other buildings that are part of the property. They were doing some painting that day, hence the dropcloths on the left. I imagine these harborfront Victorians take a lot of maintenance. The building on the right was designed by the same architects who designed the landmark Carson Mansion, which is just a short walk north.

Carter HouseAbove, the common area of the Carter House Inn, which is the elaborate Victorian on the corner. So much redwood millwork! Below, the Bell Cottage, where we stayed for this trip.

Bell Cottage

Carter common area

Above, the common area of the Bell. There is also a full kitchen.

Below, our room and bath. 12 foot high ceilings and handcrafted woodwork details set the tone. Tasteful art and decor, along with modern TV and wi-fi.Carter bedroomCarter bathroom

Breakfast at the Restaurant 301 is included, as below.

Carter 301

Buffet Carter breakfast

Karry at 301

The lovely Karry contemplates breakfast inside the very pleasurable 301.

The story of the Carter House is very interesting. You can book your visit online as we did, and the service was flawless.  It’s pleasing to know that this elegant and artistic getaway is so nearby to Really Redding.

Seen here, the iconic Carson Mansion in Eureka California. The Carter House is a block south.

Seen here, the iconic Carson Mansion in Eureka California. The Carter House is a block south of this.








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