Head over to the Parkview neighborhood today for Family Bicycling Day

Re-posting something from last year. You should head over to Parkview today May 4 2014, and enjoy this event!
Bike day

“Come out, play, ride, skate, and dance. Meet your neighbors, have a picnic, and explore new corners of our beautiful city.

TODAY a stretch of the city is transformed into a car-free zone for Sunday enjoyment. This will allow area residents to learn about places and neighborhood attractions previously unexplored. It will give people a way to see their neighborhood from a new perspective. Families will enjoy a safe space to gather, play, ride a bike, dance and engage. Some people will ride a bicycle for the first time. Others will discover they can hula.

If you drive in, you will find parking in the lots to the north of City Hall. Or you can park on Park Marina Drive and ride your bicycle or walk the short distance to Parkview Avenue.”

From last year’s 2013 event:
We really enjoyed pedaling around the Park Marina area with no cars around today, courtesy of ShastaLivingStreets.org and Rader Traffic Control. The neighborhood presents an entirely different perspective by bike.
Living Streets2

Living Streets3

Living Streets4

Getting a cheeseburger at Fallis Around Town in Redding

Getting a cheeseburger at Fallis Around Town in Redding

As amazing as it was out there, it’s truly bittersweet. Both Erin and I spent our morning ride describing to one another how lovely it would be if Park Marina instead was lined with shops and restaurants facing the river. And if it incorporated bikes and walking, all the time. Woe tom.Ok on th would be out every day enjoying our short urban waterfront. Our hidden jewel. Maybee saddle and startling again was good to see people riding bikes from the bistro to the sports bar for a pint. So beautiful. So pleasant. Just nice.
I’ve written about this subject before, here. There is a Park Marina vision. I didn’t make this up.
For now, I’m just sorry about it. Just moping about a vision unrealized, on the one day a year you can almost taste it. Just for a day.
We now return you to your previously scheduled automotive purgatory.

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