A Park Marina Vision

Park Marina from across the River in Redding

Park Marina from across the River in Redding

Once there was a plan for Redding’s most visible riverfront. Some students envisioned what it might look like. It was a nice idea.

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PArk marina in redding
“Of the 27 acres in the Park Marina area, 18 acres will be dedicated to open space for various recreational uses. New development on the site will include:
Park MArina in Redding

    • a 6,000 square foot outdoor amphitheater;
    • a 12 screen theater complex;
    • 145 residential units of different types and sizes;
    • two hotels and a bed-and-breakfast;
    • a marketplace with eateries, small scale development, a
    permanent outdoors facility for weekly farmers’ markets
    and seasonal craft fairs, an arts plaza;
    • 1,000 parking spaces in two new three-story garages on
    Park Marina Drive;
    • traffic calming measures along the whole project site and
    a pedestrian bridge”

You can read the whole Park Marina plan document at the link. Thanks Cal Poly students and staff, for showing us what could be.

This subject came up at dinner with friends yesterday evening. And how Redding so often turns its back on the river that defines us. Surely it will not be that way forever.

Park Marina in Redding

Park Marina in Redding by Skip Murphy

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2 Responses to A Park Marina Vision

  1. Ryan Sabalow says:

    Former RS reporter Scott Mobley once summed it up best:

    Redding has low self-esteem.

    If they ever tried to turn that area into something nice, the public outcry over the loss of aqua golf would prompt city officials to back away from the project.

    I wish I was joking.

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