Practice for Dancing With the Stars Shasta County Style 2013 – brief video

Aaron Rader of Rader Excavating is a big guy for a dance partner. Watch him learn the dance moves from Monica Fisher that he’ll need to win the competition at this year’s Dancing With the Stars Shasta County Style benefit for the Shasta Women’s Refuge.

Aaron is my son in law. Last year his wife, my daughter and Broker at The Address Realty, Erin Rader, narrowly missed winning the big dance competition prize. Aaron volunteered this year to bring home the win for the family. Obviously our community is the big winner. Help Aaron raise the money and win with your encouragement. He and Monica are working hard. Now it’s your turn!
Aaron and Monica1

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4 Responses to Practice for Dancing With the Stars Shasta County Style 2013 – brief video

  1. Monica is a terrific, talented teacher – Go, Team!

  2. Aaron Fisher says:

    Wow!! Monica is doing such a great job with Aaron Radar. I’m definitely impressed at how much time the star is putting into this difficult task. Great choreography Monica….Way to go!!! I hope lots of people vote for Radar and Fisher.

  3. Terri Fisher says:

    With Aaron’s sense of humor and award winning smile, and Monica’s determination and professionalism it makes this “Dancing Duo” a blast to watch!!

  4. Valerie Alford says:

    Monica, we know, with your skill as a dance instructor, that Aaron will be light on his feet in no time at all! Just make sure you move your feet fast enough to keep them out from under his!! LOL
    We will be supporting you two on the big night!

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