Bruciante Wood Fired Pizza on Hilltop

Ruh roh! We are told Bruciantes has closed. Stuff happens.

Oak fired pizza. How could that NOT be awesome? Sure enough.
Bruciante wood fired pizza in ReddingBruciante wood fired pizza in Redding chalkboardThis portable wood fired oven goes from 800 to 1200 degrees, so pizzas cook blindingly fast.

Which is good, because Bruciante’s is a drive-by kiosk. They converted one of our many, too many, local drive-by coffee kiosks into this way cool restaurant idea.

They make each pie to order, but it doesn’t take long. They use an herb infused dough to give each creation a thin and light toasted crust.

I went expecting the usual pizza choices, pepperoni mushroom olive combos and such. But owners Larry and Robin have kept the artisan style menu sleek and focused.

They aren’t open weekends. Only during the week Monday through Friday, 11 am to 7 pm. And if it’s raining, well… it’s a wood-fired outdoor oven. So perhaps call ahead at (530) 242 6128

Go on over to Bruciante’s Facebook Page and give it a Like.
Bruciante wood fired pizza in Redding menuBruciante wood fired pizza in Redding pepperoni and sausage

Bruciante wood fired pizza in Redding

Reese and Teela get the orders going

Bruciante wood fired pizza in Redding mascot

Odi the mascot dog, for Bruciante

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