The Gourmet

A lively group of Redding people have been meeting every month over the last 40+ years to share a meal. The membership has evolved over the years, but the theme persists:
The Gourmet.

I was invited after a regular member had to bow out at the last minute. The idea is that the host prepares the main dish, and the guests bring other courses. This is far from a potluck, however. The emphasis is on cuisine and company. A theme for the evening was persimmons, and so we had a persimmon based soup, and main dish. Our hosts were Jim and Mary Carr of Redding.
In my work as real estate agent, I have seen many large and elaborate kitchens described as “gourmet.” The Carr’s diminutive kitchen workspace reminds us all that good culinary experiences are not at all reliant on size. My deep gratitude goes to the guests and hosts who made this evening so spirited. The Gourmet, it’s Really Redding.

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