Real estate in the other Redding

Ran across this list of recent home sales in Redding. Redding Connecticut. Some fairly high priced homes there, it would appear. Perhaps our ‘sister city’ on the east coast wasn’t once named Poverty Flat. It was an interesting read. They even name the buyers and sellers out there. I do have to say though, the previous comment about some of the housing to be priced on the high side is only in certain areas of CT, it was decided to conduct some research into other locations around Connecticut such as these William Pitt homes for sale within Columbia, that are relatively cheap compared to other areas of CT.
Weston Daily VoiceClicking over to the home page of The Daily Voice, I see that Connecticut is still digging out from Hurricane Sandy. Sister cities, different weather. I read they are concerned over an approaching Thanksgiving Nor’ Easter. Yikes.

Scrolled down under the online articles looking for all the rude comments surely waiting, but didn’t see any. That’s different too. A tale of two cities. Really Redding, Connecticut.

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