Sakura Sushi serves savory seafood

Sakura Sushi in Redding
This is the first place I ever tried Sushi, many years ago. At lunch with friends from the nearby Citizen’s Utilities office. I guess I’d led a sheltered palate up until that memorable day in the early ’80s. I fell in love with the fine art of Japanese cuisine right then, and so this warm and welcoming restaurant holds special place in my heart.
Sakura sushi in Redding
For those in the know, this restaurant still represents something quite different than what you’ll find in a Chinese restaurant, or some supermarket cold shelf. It’s authenticity.

There is a calmness to proprietor Kenji Tanaka. He can stand by quietly, preparing gorgeous works of art that melt in your mouth. Or he can engage you with a sly wit and clear understanding of nearly any topic. Or select a quiet booth. Whatever you like, because at Sakura, the customer is as much the center of attention as the food.
Suakura Sushi in ReddingBut oh, the food. The food is a revelation. And it’s inexpensive. That helps explain why this may be the oldest sushi restaurant in Redding. For those in the know.
Sakura restaurant in Redding

Sakura restaurant 2130 East St Redding (530) 244 0201 Open for Dinners

Located on East Street across from R&R Meats. Recommend you call ahead (530) 244 0201. Their hours are limited. Sakura has a Facebook page you can check and Like too. Sakura is Really Redding.

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