Manifestations -new unreleased old Redding music

Here’s another work from Craig Padilla that I performed with him back in the mid-1990s. I pulled this from the archives along with the piece I shared a few days ago, Snowfall. This Craig composition music is more symphonic electronica, although it builds gradually from a very spare rhythmic improvisation. It picks up with a perky bass line and breaks through with a very cinematic crescendo and overture. At 24 minutes long, it’s more typical of our work together at the time than the last piece. I adjusted the overall levels to conform to modern expectations of relative volume, but aside from that, it’s just like we played it around here back in ’94 or so. Very nice. Please enjoy. Music from Redding Ca
Manifestations2011 by SkipMurphy
Image of a Barn in Eastern Shasta County by Skip

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