New old music – Snowfall

Redding artist Craig Padilla and I recorded this electro-ambient piece in 1994, or earlier, according to the sound file. It remained unfinished and “in the can” since then. More a sketch than anything else. I stumbled across it looking through some old material. Barely remembered. And wondered why it remains more or less unreleased. It’s a pleasant sketch, elaborated on today to just about 7 minutes. See what you think. Enjoy the snow on this sunny May day.
Snow in Redding CA 2010
Snowfall by SkipMurphy
Electro-Ambient music from the ’90s. It’s the indigenous music of ReallyRedding.

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2 Responses to New old music – Snowfall

  1. Bob says:

    Who’s Craig?

    • Skip@RR says:

      Oops, I just assumed everyone knows Craig. I changed the post to say Redding artist/musician Craig Padilla, and linked to his website at Sorry!

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