Our Anselmo Valentine

We were fortunate enough to secure a reservation for a Valentine Luncheon at Anselmo Vineyards. A lovely 20 mile drive toward Shingletown from Redding.

Anselmo is a large property. In addition to the vineyard, it’s also a working cattle ranch. It has overnight accommodations for a few people, and plans to add cottages. It’s a truly nice setting for a wedding.

Comparisons to certain wineries to the south are inevitable, but Anselmo carries its own special ambiance.

Candace LiVolsi played her harp, filling the room with soft round tones. We tried estate bottles of Anselmo’s Majorette and Merlot, here being aerated into our glass.

The Valentine’s special was a 5 course affair. The Tuscan Salad with Gorgonzola was an unexpected delight. A great balance of texture and tang.

I had the waitress recommended Rack of Lamb, and my lovely companion the Steak Danielle. Marvelous.

A Meyer Lemon Granita. Candace’s playing set the mood beautifully, with a mix of jazz standards and show tunes rendered on harp. It’s too easy to use heaven metaphors about the harp. I was secretly thinking it would be funny to request that she play “Stairway to Heaven.” About two tunes later she did play it! Wow, her rendition made it seem as serious and poignant as any classical work. “And she’s buying a stairway….to hea-ven.” Again, wow. I would never have guessed I could be quite so moved by that well worn melody. Kudos.

The food definitely exceeded our expectations. The setting matched the sophisticated menu. Service was attentive and delivered with flair. To top it off, I met a reader of this blog among the patrons. Good sir, your words and actions were gratifying beyond my capability to express, except to again thank you for your kindness.
“My Funny Valentine” played by Candace, as my funny Valentine and I enjoy our dessert. Thanks Anselmo Vineyards. Valentines Day, nicely done.

Edit: Here are a couple images from their Sunday Brunch selection. Steak Danielle, and Eggs Benedict in Sirloin Medallions. Tasted as good as it looks.
Sunday Brunch at Anselmo at InnwoodSunday Brunch at Anselmo at Innwood by Skip Murphy

Highway 44 east towards Shingletown. Turn at the sign at Inwood Road. Not ReallyRedding, but really nearby.

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