Bill Cosby at the Cascade

Cascade Theatre in Redding CABill Cosby appeared at the Cascade for 2 shows last night. Both sold out, from the looks of things.
Bill’s humor fit the mostly over 50 crowd like a well worn shoe. Sometimes I could hear the punchline from the audience before the performer.
The Cascade seems to be booking some higher end shows lately. For example, Bonnie Raitt plays there next week, no less. Bookings can be a gamble in a town with no excess of discretionary income. But the Cascade is truly a magical venue.
He’s a class act, of course.

So what is it about those Reddingites who wish to become part of the show themselves? I suppose if you paid $75 for a ticket, you might feel justified. You aren’t.

At one point Bill himself became annoyed by an audience member up front, continually scrunching a water bottle. IMHO, Cosby has always been a bit of a preachy guy (ahem, says the editor, watch out for hurling stones from your glass house), so the interruption gave him reason to go off with a brief, good-natured rant. He got back on track, and finished. Gave a wave, and walked off stage. A good time was had by all. Shows at the Cascade, it’s Really Redding.

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