Johnnys Cathouse

Johnnys Cathouse bar in redding ca
My buddies and I went to Johnny’s after a weekend of waterskiing at Lake Shasta. We went a little bit apprehensive given all the terrible reviews of the place (our favorite review: “Johnny’s White Supremacist Bar”), but when we did a search for “Nightlife” on Yelp in Redding, Subway Sandwiches was the No. 1 result, so there really weren’t a lot of options.

It’s a good thing we chose Johnny’s instead of loading up on Turkey Avocados at Subway, because Johnny’s was on fire. Granted, we’re all married dudes from the SF Bay Area, but the experience was a ton of fun and entertaining, if nothing more than just to watch the wildlife. We all highly recommend the place.

First off, on a Saturday night at 10p, the place was pretty full and hopping with a live DJ. The dance floor was filled with women dancing. You can tell a bunch of them had been practising beforehand (with many likely using to get a step ahead of the others on the dance floor). The ratio of women to men was probably at least 4:1. The ratio of women to men-without-beltbuckles-bigger-than-their-heads was about 30:1. The crowd was mostly early 20s, other than the cougars and their prey (which was hilariously called out by the DJ).

The bar staff didn’t look anything like that picture on the review — they were wearing stuff that looked more like motorcycle outfits. It’s definitely a stretch to call it something like a Hooters — it’s a neighborhoody roadhouse. Ask for Jen as your waitress — she’s the best. Great, cheap drinks throughout the night.

General observations:

1) The place has more of a classic rock feel, updated, though. Think Allman Brothers meets Jonas Brothers.
2) Apparently, they are sponsored by Big O Tires, as evidenced by the large Big O Tires banner above the bar.
3) Yes, there’s a Confederate flag, but it’s dwarfed by two trucker mudflap woman-silhoutte flags next to it.
4) They honk a big trucker horn whenever someone does something special. I don’t know what.
5) PBR is $2 (and really, what else could you drink here?) Drink specials throughout the night.
6) The local minister hasn’t been around recently, as evidenced by the prominence of short skirts.
7) The local plastic surgeon has been around recently, as evidenced by the prominence of tight tops.
8) It’s next to a place that’s open until 3am that sells pizza and pastries.
9) The amount of dirty dancing was enough to make Patrick Swayze blush.

What made Johnny’s even more memorable:
1) A bride-to-be celebrating their upcoming wedding day stage dove off the bar into the dancing crowd.
2) Dwight, another local (we knew it was Dwight because his name was stamped on his belt), gave us the inside scoop on the place, but didn’t tell us where he bought the handcuffs that were also attached to aforementioned belt.
3) Someone named Raynell asked us if we wanted to play pool with her. An hour later, she was complaining that it was too hot in there, and she asked Jen the waitress for scissors so she could cut off the legs of her pants, which she proceeded to pull down and cut off. Yes, we lost the pool game.
4) Free popcorn.

Hmm. So I’m not sure if I sold you on the place given the comments above, but honestly, we hadn’t had such a fun time in a long long time. It was great. The people, the place and the bar staff were all terrific. Stop on by.

Yelp review by Mark H of San Jose. I am saddened to inform you further that the nearby pizza/pastry shop mentioned is no more.
Johnnys Cathouse bar in redding ca

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