Photographing the Perseid Meteor Shower

Notice the title says “photographing,” and not “photographs of” the annual Perseid Meteor shower. Well, I may have gotten one shot of a small one. No matter. It was a beautiful night for stargazing.
Redding ca skies Aug 12 2010
I only went into my back yard. I was surprised at how clearly visible the Milky Way was, even in the city.
Redding ca skies Aug 12 2010
There were plenty of meteors. But it was like fishing in a boat when fish are jumping all around you, but not biting. Then, I think I got one. Over at the upper right.
Redding ca skies Aug 12 2010
I was reminded of a Hawkwind lyric.

Our legends tell we came from a seed
That traveled at a whirlwind speed
‘Till it came to rest upon this land
That once was green
And is now all sand
That buried us up to our eyes
And made us watchers of the skies
‘Till shadow wings
Came for our sight
And left us to conspire with night

Redding ca skies Aug 12 2010
It’s Really Redding.


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