First Baptist Church of Redding

Redding ca First Baptist Church
Built in 1952. The First Baptist Church of Redding had already worshiped in couple of other big church buildings prior to building this one over their 120 year history in Redding. Here’s how it looked in the 50’s, an image courtesy of the Shasta Historical Society.

Redding ca First Baptist Church

The RS ran a series of photographs of the First Baptist Church of Redding that’s well done, and worth a look. There’s also a nice write up of Baptists in general at Wikipedia. Interesting information. This particular congregation doesn’t seem to be online anywhere I could find.
This church building on Eureka Way reflects the architecture of the times. There are a few buildings out that way that look similar, including U Prep, and this other church on Eureka Way that has been transformed into a medical office. I think you could also include the remodeled Pine Street School farther east as similar. I describe the architecture as a cross between Mission and Mediterranean, but perhaps there is some other name for the style. When Redding recently decided to adopted a cheesy “50’s Glitz” theme to foist on local business as our preferred style for downtown, I was really wishing that this already evident 50’s Mission/Mediterranean style was the preferred theme instead. With smooth, off-white walls, and Spanish tile roofs, these timeless buildings look elegant and classy. Plus, it’s a style well suited to our climate. It’s Really Redding.

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