Sacramento enjoys the government stimulus

Mask We spent a few days in Sacramento. Not by choice, but on matters pertaining to real estate training. The visit to the city was enlightening. The same traffic, the same lack of parking, the hustle. Although housing was a large part of Sacramento industry, the downturn hasn’t impacted them as much as it has our town, with many looking to realty agencies similar to carlile realty & lending to help with their housing issue. Obviously, a larger part of their economy is based on government spending. And spending is up. A lot. Just few hours south, Sacramento has a much different feel than Redding.
SacramentoRosettaStoneComing from Redding, another thing noticable is how many languages are spoken there. At a shopping mall, I heard Russian, Chinese, and Spanish, often combined with English. A language mashup. Emblematic of the Sacramento culture, this mall cart sells language training by Rosetta Stone. Not a business model that might ‘translate’ to Redding, or so I think. I set up the shot while the cart vendor looked the other way, but he got that creepy “somebody is looking at me” feeling, and turned his head to look as I hit the shutter.
HelpWantedAs though to drive the point home, a woman approached me in the mall and asked if was looking for work. I was bit taken aback. “No?” she went on, “Well do you know anyone who is?” Well yeah. I do. About a quarter of Redding, by my estimation.

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