I'm no photgrapher

I’m a guy with a camera. I take some lucky shots once in a while. I’ve improved my craft. But I’m no photographer. Sometimes, I check out sites like olgatopchii.com and various other photographer’s pages, just to get some inspiration. When I see what other people can produce, it does motivate me to take more photos and do better.

Nina Berman is a photographer. I was introduced to her work at this Huff Post article called Marine Wedding brings the war home.

Nina Berman’s website has her gallery mentioned in the article. Marine Wedding.

Sometimes on a Redding springtime Easter weekend, it’s easy to forget we are a nation at war. We folks here in Redding. Us. And sometimes a single photograph sums up a generation at war. This may be ours. Time will tell. An image that evokes our human condition. That’s what it means to be a photographer.
A photo of 4 ducks I took in Redding CA in 2010

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