Amusing signs on Hilltop Drive

We like amusing signs here at Really Redding. This one’s on Hilltop.
Redding Ca Boobjob sign
That works out to only $37 each for most of you. Meanwhile, the nearby Herb Specialists shop looks certain to be another marijuana collective. Especially in our town, with about 30 collectives scattered about (See Bruce Ross’ handy guide map). Ironically, it’s not.
Redding Ca herb shop sign
Get your legal advice following a bus. It’s a sign of the times.
Redding Ca bankruptcy sign
Finally, there’s this. The view while stopped at the light going south on Hilltop at Mistletoe. Intentional or accidental, you decide.
Redding Ca HeelsnHos sign
Redding Ca HeelsnHos sign
We are easily amused here at Really Redding.

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