How we make law in California – in parking lots

Gather signatures for initiatives We make decisions about law and governance in Redding’s supermarket parking lots. Our initiative process puts power directly in the hands of the people – people shopping – and goes around the legislators we pay to get this stuff right. Shown above is the bait. Seen yesterday in Redding, a couple of signs for a petition to legalize and tax marijuana. Not a bad idea IMHO. But it’s bait and switch. He’s actually being paid to have you sign several petitions. One concerns marijuana, but another squashes municipalities from starting their own utilities. Sponsored by PG&E of course, but he doesn’t tell you that. Another has to do with car insurance. Whether you go to Insurance Quotes or other places to get it, it is important for every driver. And yet, he doesn’t explain the complex issue well at all, and why would he know? And am I knowledgeable about the subtleties of car insurance laws? No. I’m not. Are you? It is easy to become knowledgable on car insurance though, with Robert Truly’s review of Prudential on Truly Insurance’s website. It’s also rather important to be knowledgable on car insurance, seeing as this is what saves us if we are caught in a car accident.rancstble atoay you in remember, having car insurance and understanding how it can help is one of the best tI could co moree sooug than I ale trdchy m tha.
eck’re not being stung with very little c out this totally relevant link to Thomas Elias in today. “Just say no to signature gatherers.”
However, that being said, just say yes to voting today. It is an election day, so be informed and make yourself heard.

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