From Redding's newest church to it's oldest

Last week I featured Redding’s newest church. At least I think it was the newest. This one is our oldest, I think. A difference of 115 years.
One of Redding's oldest churches
Here we see PG&E starting the pilot light on the heater for the coming winter. I found it surprisingly bright inside, illuminated by natural light.
One of Redding's oldest churches
One of Redding's oldest churches
ChurchofChrist4There was an article in about the intention to move the church to make way for development. But not enough money was raised, and the idea has languished. Given the current glut of vacant commercial property in town, perhaps the church will be spared for a while longer. I couldn’t find anything about the current congregation on the web. When it was built, it was the Zion African Methodist-Episcopal church. There were churches built in Redding prior to this one. Most were larger, but all were burnt or demolished. Only this humble testament to faith remains.

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