Candidates answer questions.

Candidates in redding
I attended the Shasta Board of Realtors meeting today October 8 2008 for their candidate’s forum. The lineup from left to right is Russell Hunt, Missy McArthur, Norma Comnick, Melissa Hunt, Dick Dickerson, John Wood, Ken Murray, Terry Oxley, Jim McDilda, and Gary Cadd. Norma and Melissa are running for council in Anderson, and the rest are running for city council in Redding. Shown above with Ron Largent brandishing the Shasta Voices sheet of loaded questions. The questionaire’s author Mary Machado was in attendance too, as was somebody from the RS.

Gary Cadd talked about the council agenda, and his idea to make it more council driven, and more available to the public. Jim McDilda emphasized that priorities should be put on core services like police and firefighters. Terry Oxley wants to expand Redding’s attractions to bring more tourist dollars and growth. Incumbent Ken Murray talked about his record and things he opposed like Fix 5, and Eminent Domain. 65 year resident John Wood wants to have more Town Hall type meetings in addition to council meetings. Incumbent Dick Dickerson emphasized his experience in local and state government, and explained his priorities were core city services and planning for their future. Incumbent Melissa Hunt was appointed, and so this is her first election. Norma Comnick emphasized her 3 terms of experience, and having served as mayor. Russell Hunt shotgunned his usual blast of ideas and plans from an outsider populist perspective.

If you have been following along, these folks and their positions are well known. There were no surprises at the meeting. Having watched the “debate” last night with Obama and McCain for president, I guess I expected more from this bunch. Instead it reminded me of high school. Funny. Sometimes, it seems like high school never ended.
Candidates in Redding
Fortunately our cities are well run by highly paid (ahem) staff. That’s only a little tongue-in-cheek. I really do believe we have 2 well-run cities here.

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