Bistro No. 107 in Mt Shasta

Recently stopped in for a pleasant lunch at the new Bistro No. 107 in Mt. Shasta.

It’s wedged into the triangular lot at the conjunction of Mt Shasta Boulevard and Chestnut Street.

Bistro 107 Patio

This was the Billy Goat Tavern for a long time.

Always a great place stop for a beer after a long day of skiing. The new owner has given it his own touch, and we liked it a lot.

Bistro 107 proprietor Serge Margot.

Bistro 107 proprietor Serge Margot.

Found this online at
The opening of Serge Margot’s Bistro 107 earlier this month in downtown Mount Shasta is due in part to the city’s Community Development Block Grant program.
“It’s great that the city is assisting business owners who are trying to make Mount Shasta a better place,” Margot said.
Bistro 107, located in the old Billy Goat Tavern building at 107 Chestnut St., was made possible when Margot qualified for a microenterprise loan through Mount Shasta’s CDBG program, according to a press release from Great Northern Services.
Bistro 107 trees
There is a lot of outdoor seating in the front and back patio. We sat beneath the tall trees on the shaded back patio, and watched the world go by on Mt Shasta Boulevard.
Bistro 107 FoodA very creative menu with several specials. I had the Halibut Burger, and the lovely Karry chose the Panko Crusted Snapper sandwich with garlic fries. A Fresh Squeezed IPA and a Hexagenia hit the spot. Nice shade out here on the patio on this Mt Shasta summer day.

Bistro 107 trees2

They post their Bistro 107 Specials menu and ever changing tap lineup at their Facebook page.

You can just catch a glimpse of Mt Shasta itself in the background, below.

Bistro 107 wide

Bistro No. 107. you should check it out. No need to wait for Bistro No. 108.

Just about an hour of a gorgeous drive north of Really Redding.

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Rainy day Redding

“Déjà Vu or Corbett’s?”

“Corbett’s. It’s quieter this time of day.”

A snippet of conversation from a blogpost that sounds very Redding. Posting here to give a shout out to this local blog from Everyday Redding.

Everyday Redding blog

Everyday Redding is also a card that offers discounts to local retailers and services. Another cool thing they do is list events that you can enjoy in Redding every weekend. It’s all good stuff.

Nice to see others treat Redding as the destination it has become, rather than just a refueling stop on a busy interstate highway.

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On driving electric in Redding

We drove our Nissan Leaf over 33,000 miles on nothing but electricity in and around Redding over the last 3 years.  33K miles, 0 gallons of gas.

We have some some observations.


We love this car. It’s incredibly easy to forget gas stations forever. You plug it in at night, and it’s all charged up in the morning. Much like a smart phone.

Leaf in French Gulch 2

No smog checks. No oil changes. No burnt hydrocarbon smell. Just quiet, nimble, and torque. Lots of torque. We love driving this car. It’s flat out fun to drive.


Leaf at Highland Circle

And cheap to drive. The Kill-O-Watt meter shows just $4.95 to charge all day. But it takes only a half day to charge on 110 VAC (standard household voltage).

Energy usage Leaf 1280

But there are downsides to driving electric around Redding.

  1. Lack of charging stations on and around Redding. There just aren’t many around here, and few new ones arrived in the 3 years we drove it. That’s a pitiful reality, for a city that owns its own electric utility.
  2. Range anxiety. It’s real. We always found ways to work around it, but the car becomes less useful the more you “work around” its limitations.
  3. It ate tires. Okay, so that might be the way we drove it. Torque can do that.


Grandson knows you must unplug this car before you can drive away.

Grandson knows you must unplug this car before you can drive it away. My grandkids will inherit a different world in so many ways.

Seriously, we loved the car. And importantly, we discovered that electric propulsion is surely the future of automobiles. It makes for a great driving experience. And maybe the future for the planet, if we are to have a future. It was good not to have a tailpipe.

Right now, the Chevy Volt looks like a better fit for our business and our local geography. As a plug in hybrid, it has a 50 mile range on electricity alone, and also a gas generator to increase the range if needed. So we returned the Leaf at the end of the lease. Will let your know how well our new Volt works.

“If the leaders find that the concept of phasing out all emissions from coal, and taking measures to ensure that unconventional fossil fuels are left in the ground or used only with zero-carbon emissions, is too inconvenient, then, in that case, they could instead spend a small amount of time composing a letter to be left for future generations. The letter should explain that the leaders realized their failure to take these actions would cause our descendants to inherit a planet with a warming ocean, disintegrating ice sheets, rising sea level, increasing climate extremes, and vanishing species, but it would have been too much trouble to make changes to our energy systems and to oppose the business interests who insisted on burning every last bit of fossil fuels. By composing this letter the leaders will at least achieve an accurate view of their place in history.”

NASA Scientist, James Hansen, from Storms of my Grandchildren.

Leaf at Clearies sm600px


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Grandson, 3 years old, upon finding a deceased dragonfly in the swimming pool.


“Why did it die?”


“Everything dies, eventually”, my reply.




“Well, that’s a good question.”

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Jury Duty for Federal Court in Sacramento

Citizens of Redding supply jurors for federal cases held in Sacramento. Perhaps you have received a similar summons, as did the lovely Karry recently.
Old town 13
Showing up on a Monday at 8 am is problematic, being a 165 mile drive south. So we went together down to Sacramento the night before. Of course, I captured a few Sacramento images.

Old town 15

“Your honor, at this time we wish to excuse the exquisite blonde bombshell juror for being just too darn distracting to the courtroom,” said an attorney, probably.

Anyway, the lovely Karry was cut loose fairly early on in the proceedings. Her civic duty faithfully executed, we happily headed north to Granzellas for sips and apps.

Sacramento is truly an excellent city to visit, either for duty or pleasure.
They even share our river. And as fortune would have it, experiencing the capital of California is a relatively easy 2.5 hours drive down Interstate 5 from Really Redding.

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Bricks Roadhouse in Redding closes

Bricks Roadhouse opened on Churn Creek Road just over a year ago. Definitely a Redding original, I had posted here about Bricks 2 previous locations. I liked their food very much. I took these images seen below intending to post about the Churn Creek location. But I hesitated, thinking I needed a few better photos first. I really wanted an image of the cool looking bar. Too late, now.

Today I read at that Bricks has closed. Too bad. In retrospect, the images I captured make it appear mostly empty. A grim foreshadowing.

This building has seen several restaurants come and go.
I was hoping Bricks would break the cycle.

Bricks2 -smBricks3 -smBricks7 -sm
Bricks1 -smBricks8 -sm
Bricks6 -smBricks4 -sm


In my draft, I wrote:

“Bricks has been around for years. This is the third time I’ve written about them in this blog, and this is their third location. With each move, they’ve grown bigger and the list of food and drinks grows accordingly. Evidence they have a menu for success.”

Evidently not. Easy to blame the building/location. Who will be next to give it a try?

Thanks for trying, Bricks. Looking back on my first post about Bricks from 2010, you can sense the excitement as they begin, and start to grow popular. That feeling like the sky is the limit.

The restaurant business is really tough in Really Redding.

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Take in the Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise

Deinner cruise Skip

Few northstate activities are more Really Redding than a day on Lake Shasta. So what could be better than a Dinner Cruise on the largest boat in the lake? The lovely Karry and I recently went out for dinner with some friends old and new, on a perfect Shasta evening, and here are some images I captured.

The Dinner Cruise runs Friday and Saturdays in Summer. It takes place onboard the Cavern Queen, which departs from the Shasta Caverns facility up Interstate 5 to O’Brien on Shasta Lake. Reservations are needed, as seatings are obviously limited. A little planning rewards you with a memorable dinner in an unmatched setting. The cruise runs from 6 to 8 pm. The buffet style meal neatly compliments the scenery. We saw deer and eagles, along with campers and waterskiing families out enjoying the 300+ miles of Shasta shoreline.

Below, click on the image to their website. Thank you Captain Dave and the Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise crew! You’re Really Redding.

Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise




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Bike to the movies in 1940 Redding

While surfing at the Library of Congress website, I came across images of the Cascade Theatre in Redding from 1940.

FSA /8c32000/8c322008c32225a.tif

FSA /8c32000/8c322008c32225a.tif

This available .TIF image is remarkably high resolution for an online photo.

I wondered what it would look like zoomed in. Please do click below to enlarge.

FSA /8c32000/8c322008c32225a.tif

Bikes and their riders going to the movies in Redding in 1940

Hey, remember when you could ride your bike to the movies, and leave it unlocked out front?

I don’t. But evidently, such a scene existed. Lined up to see “Jungle Book” and “Blondies Blessed Event.” (which you can now watch on YouTube)

Closer in yet, a young woman looks right at you. You are a phantom from the future. Click to enlarge.

FSA /8c32000/8c322008c32225a.tif

Evidently Redding folk once dressed somewhat more formally to go to the movies.

It looks like a windy day in Redding, that day in 1940.

The winds of change. Hang on to your hat.

Back then, moviegoers paid a “Defense Tax.


10% Defense Tax for General Admission. 16% for you Students.

Zooming in. The work of Redding Signs.


Redding Signs.

Coincidentally, another “Jungle Book” remake is currently playing in a Redding theater. Seen below here in 2016 at the Cinemark Movies 14, across town from the Cascade.
Junglebook at the Cinemark

Movie admission prices have gone up a bit since 1940.

A discount for seniors now, instead of students. But at least your “Defense Tax” is built in.

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CookHouse at Bridge Bay

Welcome to CookHouse at Bridge Bay.  Longtime Redding people will recall this restaurant and lounge as Tail O’ the Whale. Click any image to enlarge.

Cookhouse15The main dining area is under great spokes radiating from a center pylon. The large windows to the north allow views of Lake Shasta. The marina is in the foreground, and then past the Pit River Bridge, you can clearly see the Gray Rocks with Shasta Caverns. It’s a visually stunning setting.



Our attentive server Alyssa with delicious Potato Skins. Below, Mahi Mahi Tacos. There’s a full wine list, and beer on tap, including an IPA by Fall River. Mmm.



Above, a Seared Ahi on wilted spinach with salad. This plate wasn’t specifically on the menu, but staff was very accommodating to the special request. The CookHouse menu is online at their website.

There’s also some outdoor patio space for al fresco dining, around the perimeter.


The classic lounge is upstairs. Check out this Bloody Mary, served by Dan!


Outside, the views are captivating. All around you are people coming from, and leaving for adventures on emerald Lake Shasta. And of course, attire is beach casual. But that’s true of most of Redding anyway.


Cookhouse2aCookhouse12Just outside the CookHouse are dozens of chairs for taking in the scenery. Perfect for observing Bridge Bay resort patrons and their watercraft. It’s a very party-like atmosphere, but also just as laid back as you may desire.  Lake life!

Cookhouse 16When people ask why I live in Redding, I often speak of the natural beauty of our surroundings. Lake Shasta plays a large part in the lifestyle and beauty of our region. Bridge Bay and CookHouse offer an unmatched setting for providing food, fun, and access to the lake. And it’s all a very quick and easy 13 mile drive north of Redding proper via Interstate 5.

The lake life, it’s Really Redding.

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REX CLUB in Burney

Rex Club 7“Burney’s oldest Bar/Restaurant,” so it is said.

That seems entirely plausible. The weathered exterior hints at the rustic interior decor found inside. Also filled with wood carvings, and dozens of taxidermy wildlife mounts.

We recently stopped in for a late lunch. They were cleaning up for the dinner shift, but service was fast and friendly.
Rex Club 3

Katie serves up a hot pastrami on toasted rye and a french dip Special.

Rex Club 6Rex Club 8

They didn’t have any beer on tap, but no matter.

They do serve the local IPA in a frosty mug. And that totally works.

Rex Club 4 Hexagenia

What time is it?

Rex Club 5

And they have a website.

Click on the image below to get there from here. Includes menus. They also have some lodging available, as cabins.

Rex Club 2

“The Rex Club was built in 1938. Located on Main Street in the heart of Burney, California.  It served as a dinner house, bar and hotel/motel. For many years it was the main source of entertainment for the local people, bringing in many different musicians and dancing.  Our family bought this magnificent old property in 2006, with the hope of bringing it back to its former glory. We enjoy the history of the club and love to hear everyone’s story of “the first time” they came into this place.”

Rex Club 9

Welcome Fishermen!

With legendary fly fishing nearby, the REX CLUB knows its clientele. The authentic Burney experience, on the main boulevard.

Just about an hour drive east of Really Redding.

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