Bear sighting creates a buzz

The bear photo I captured the other day from out my front door generated some local media attention. I was interviewed by KHSL TV Action News Now reporter Charlene Cheng.

I enjoyed chatting with Charlene as she worked. The life of a modern multimedia reporter is complex. You must master video and audio production along with journalism.
White balance, sound check, b-roll, good questions. And in the rain.
Impressive. Not at all just a talking head.
Charlene all-weather Cheng 1280“Bear stories are always interesting,” she tells me.
You can follow Charlene on Twitter @charlenecheng and catch her work at

I was also interviewed by reporter Clay Duda of the Record Searchlight, and my photo made the front page, below the fold.
RS article about bearYou can follow Clay on Twitter @clayduda_RS. It’s often fascinating to see Clay report the news via Twitter as it is happening. The tweets are somewhat cryptic, and then you can read the fleshed-out story later at Or in the newspaper, as above.
Bear TweetsAn interesting (to me) Twitter side note.
I was pretty excited at 1:00 am when I snapped the bear photo.

I decided to tweet about it.

To my surprise, almost immediately I got a response from @jennyespino_RS, also a reporter for the Record Searchlight/

This exchange of tweets took place almost immediately following the bear sighting, at an unexpected time of day.

Such is the nature of Twitter and our present culture’s near instantaneous news cycle.

Reporters sensed the bear story would be interesting to their audience.

It’s easy to see why that is true. Bear Spirit is well established in our species.


“In the kingdom of spirit animals, the bear is emblematic of grounding forces and strength. This animal has been worshiped throughout time as a powerful totem, inspiring those who need it the courage to stand up against adversity. As a spirit animal in touch with the earth and the cycles of nature, it is a powerful guide to support physical and emotional healing.”

Also, Bear Stew. Bears are tasty.
“Recipe by Kyle”

“If you kill a bear, you better have something good to make out of it! This stew is delicious! Serve with a crusty bread!”

The duality of bear. Both Spirit and Entree. That’s Really Redding.

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Local winery having a big Thanksgiving Sale!

Our friends at Moseley Family Cellars are having a Thanksgiving Sale!
We love their vintages, and so are passing this info on to you:

We have a BIG sale for you! Get 30% off all wines from now until Wednesday, November 26.

May I suggest greeting your guests with our chilled Rose’. The light refreshing taste will set the mood for your gathering.
Our Sauvignon Blanc will be a fabulous crossover with your appetizers.
Our Viognier is going to go GREAT with turkey. Trust me. Chill it just a bit for perfect pairing.
Although our reds are probably not the best with Turkey, go ahead and order them because the price is so stinking good and drink them on Black Friday! That would be our Zinfandel, Cabernet and Syrah.

Reply to this email with your order, or come into the Tasting Room Thursday – Saturday 5 – 8:30 p.m. Please include a phone number and address where you would like delivery. HEY! WOULD BEV MO DO THAT FOR YOU? Let’s keep it local.

Mimi Moseley
Moseley Family Cellars
Moseley Tasting Room
Make it a Moseley Christmas!
Moseley and Dungeness Crab Christmas

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Bear visits north Redding

Bear wandered into my north Redding yard last night. I popped out my front door for the shot, and scared the pee out of it. Camera took a second to focus, and then it was gone. I have lived here many years and never seen a bear. The drought is having an evident impact on wildlife.
BearSmBear claws. And not the pastry kind. Wildlife is Really Redding.

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Another FREE fun thing to do in Redding

Feeding stale cheerios to ducks and geese along Park Marina Drive.

Grandson directs the camera. True point and shoot. Free fun with waterfowl, it’s ReallyRedding.

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Turkeys on the roof

That rumbling from the roof heralds the approach of Thanksgiving.

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Northstate potatoes

A thoughtful neighbor brought us 20 lbs of these beautiful bakers straight from Tulelake. One of the premiere potato regions in the world, and grown here in the northstate.

Potato2Yum! Thoughtful neighbors and local grown potatoes, it’s Really Redding.

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CASA Superhero Fun Run and Walk in Redding

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, one of our favorite charitable causes. According to the CASA website:
“CASA is a national program dedicated to providing quality court advocacy services to abused and neglected children under the jurisdiction of the Dependency Court. More than two million children have been helped by the program since its inception in 1977.”
The Redding Fun Run and Walk was held yesterday, and Erin participated with her young son. Here is a quick video impression.

It was a beautiful Fall day. Redding loves a reason to get outdoors for a fun run or walk. Thanks CASA Superhero run!CasaPeople1
Erin and Talon at CASA run

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The Shasta view

From appropriately named Shasta View Drive. Just had to stop and shoot this today. We live in a place of great beauty.
Shasta ViewShasta View. It’s Really Redding.

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Election victory last night for Brian Dahle

Congratulations to Brian Dahle for handily winning a second term as Assemblyman for the 1st District. His pragmatic approach to legislation is reflected here in this understated acceptance speech in Redding. Thanks also to Bruce Ross and Broker Erin Rader. Handheld video, so a bit shaky.

The republic is well served when business minded individuals step up to put their common sense approach to work for the greater good of our community. Thanks Brian, and family.
Erin and Brian DahleRedding is a small enough town that you can get to know your representatives with any effort at all. Face to face politics, it’s Really Redding.

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Jefferson Public Radio

We have a few radio stations in Redding. Most are un-listenable, at best. One that I like a lot is JPR for their Rhythm and News programming. In Redding, you can listen at FM 89.7. They have a good signal throughout the area, and/or you can listen online.
JPRThe free-form style of the DJs really keep things interesting, and you will surely hear something played you have not heard before. On top of that great service, they were instrumental in leading the drive to restore the Cascade Theatre in Redding. One of our true civic gems. Thanks JPR! Although based in Southern Oregon, you are Really Redding.
Cascade 1280

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