Yaks in Dunsmuir

Yaks began as a few coffee houses in Redding, and became just a couple locations in Siskiyou County. The Dunsmuir Yaks has been getting a lot of attention lately in social media and word of mouth. We can see why.
Yaks coffee bar Fanciful art and lighting now grace the formerly ordinary looking diner on the interstate.
Yaks Dining
Below, a Fermented Garlic Burger, with garlic parmesan fries. Who knew you could ferment garlic?Yaks Fermented Garlic BurgerThey have 20 brews on tap! Below, a yaks exclusive from beloved Fall River Brewery. Nitro Hexagenia. This version of the always-welcome Hexagenia IPA is infused with nitrogen instead of carbonation. The resulting bubbles are almost microscopic, and result in a completely different mouth feel. When poured, it looks like a reverse waterfall in the glass.Yaks nitro HexageniaYaks bacon overload burgerAbove, an aptly named Bacon Overload Burger and fries. There is Ranch Sauce  and Lavender Ketchup for dipping.

Below, their signature Sticky Bun with Baileys Irish Creme sauce.
Yaks Sticky bunThere might not be a more visible location in Dunsmuir from Interstate 5, so it’s easy to find. But it seems that social media has blown up about the Dunsmuir Yaks, and that’s what’s been driving the traffic to their door. We rarely see Yaks without their parking spaces full.Yaks ExteriorOne of the Top 100 restaurants in the U.S? Maybe so. Certainly one of the tops around Really Redding.

Here’s a link to the Yaks Dunsmuir website, although it didn’t have menu when we last checked. Another website keeps the Yaks Beer Menu available, though. Impressive!

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Mt Shasta from the north side

Just had to stop and take this today while out on some business. Click to embiggen.
MtShasta North Side1280There should be a lot more snow on her this time of year. Beautiful yes, but definitely a glass-half-full scene for me.

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Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir

Image from Hedge Creek Falls from a few days ago. A beautiful short hike in Dunsmuir California.
Hedge Creek Falls 2You can walk behind the falls pretty easily. Just about an hour or so north of Really Redding.

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Photographer Ryan Albaugh

Photographer Ryan Albaugh lives and works in the Fall River region of eastern Shasta County. The area is full of majestic scenery and people enjoying a country life not typically seen in most of California. That sense of place that lends richness to his subjects, which he does a great job of capturing. Click on any image to go to his site.
RyanAlbaugh1RyanAlbaugh2RyanAlbaugh3Below, one of my favorites. Of course, a photograph is only captured light. But sometimes, just sometimes, the light comes from within the subject. And then it’s magic. Like this. Yeah, click on this one.RyanAlbaugh4Well worth your time to look over his portfolio at http://www.albaughphoto.com/. Even better, hire a session. Your light is waiting to be captured. Ryan also does landscape photography, and of course his subjects are often stunning views of glorious eastern Shasta County. You can order them directly from his website, which is convenient. And you can also get in touch with Ryan on Facebook and Twitter @ryanalbaugh.

Exposing the Intermountain perspective of Really Redding, via your skilled aperture.
Carry on, lensman.

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Cafe Maddalena in Dunsmuir

Approaching Cafe Maddalena from across Pine street, subtle clues suggest this isn’t your typical northstate eatery.
Cafe Maddelena ParkingInside you’ll find a diminutive space, making it all the more intimate. Warmer weather allows more dining on their back patio.
Cafe Maddalena inside2
Seen here, the Trio of stuffed eggs. Elegant and tasty, each with a different variation of stuffing.
Cafe Maddalena Stuffed Egg TrioSoup of the day was a rich Potato and Leek creation.
Cafe Maddalena SoupThe kitchen opens to the dining area. Our server Sarah was attentive and knowledgeable.
Cafe Maddalena Sarah
Grilled mahi with tapanade, roasted garlic aioli, rice sautéed spinach, olives & capers.
Cafe Maddalena Mahi
Crispy quail stuffed with pancetta & savoy cabbage over risotto with mushrooms & brussel sprouts.
Cafe Maddalena Quail Located at 5801 Sacramento Ave., Dunsmuir CA 96025 (530) 235-2725 HOURS: Thursday–Sunday, 5 pm–9 pm. There’s a menu at the Cafe Maddelena website. The menu changes regularly. I like how the wines available by the glass are chosen to pair well with the current menu. An indicator of the overall thoughtfulness put into their service.

They recommend making reservations, and they aren’t kidding. We had often tried to get in while passing through Dunsmuir, only to find disappointment instead. Do call ahead.

Cafe Maddalena Front

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Blooming Winter on Eureka Way

Just a bit more gloating about our fine Winter weather. Spotted these blooming trees in front of a medical building on Eureka Way in Redding and grabbed these images with my cell phone. Spring is still 30 days away.
Eureka Way flowering trees 2

Eureka Way flowering treesMore stunning in person, but this will have to do. It’s blooming Winter in Really Redding.

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You cold, east coast?

While the east coast literally freezes today and posts pictures of ice skating on their toilets, this Redding driver enjoyed a lovely day in a nice car on Lake Boulevard.
Corvette2 on Lake BlvdShot taken through my windshield.
Say, I just had a thought. If you east coast types ever decide that living in a place where going outside in a t-shirt can KILL YOU is maybe bad for business, you should know we have an empty business park just sitting in Redding called the Stillwater Business Park. I can help you relocate. Redding is good for business, but bad for skating on your toilet.
StillwaterOkay, technically that toilet skater is in Canada. Maybe you guys should consider Redding too, eh?

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A boxcar full of…


I don’t want to encourage graffiti at all, but I saw this today on Highway 273 near Redding and couldn’t resist the shot. I think we’ve all ridden that train before, only to discover too late it was pulling a boxcar full of…

“You didn’t set out on the track to hell.

But it should come as no surprise.

Your destination is guaranteed,

pulling a boxcar full of lies.”

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Skull yard decor

We like unusual yard art. This arrangement fits the category.

Another excellent marketing image from The Address RealtyAs seen northeast of town. It’s a ReallyRedding reminder of life’s impermanence. Maybe.


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New banners coming to Downtown

Viva Downtown accomplishes great things for Redding. I saw these terrific looking upcoming banner designs in a FB post and thought I’d share them here. Nice style.


Banner1These should really dress up the streets in stylish art. I look forward to seeing them all unfurled.

We keep a link to Viva Downtown in the sidebar, or you can click the website image below. Always interesting to see what they have cooking.

Coming up: The Hops and Shops celebration event on February 19 looks like it will be bigger and better than ever.

Viva Downtown! It’s ReallyRedding.


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