Skull yard decor

We like unusual yard art. This arrangement fits the category.

Another excellent marketing image from The Address RealtyAs seen northeast of town. It’s a ReallyRedding reminder of life’s impermanence. Maybe.


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New banners coming to Downtown

Viva Downtown accomplishes great things for Redding. I saw these terrific looking upcoming banner designs in a FB post and thought I’d share them here. Nice style.


Banner1These should really dress up the streets in stylish art. I look forward to seeing them all unfurled.

We keep a link to Viva Downtown in the sidebar, or you can click the website image below. Always interesting to see what they have cooking.

Coming up: The Hops and Shops celebration event on February 19 looks like it will be bigger and better than ever.

Viva Downtown! It’s ReallyRedding.


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Highway 36 in Winter

Here’s a shot I took yesterday on a lonely stretch of Highway 36 in Northern Tehama County, whilst out on some real estate business.
Another excellent marketing image from The Address Realty
Click to slightly expand. Stark beauty in the northstate.

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Caffe Pagato in Redding

Looking for a cup of goodness, or some food close to downtown? Your search is over.

CaffePagato3CaffePagato4Love seeing the daily specials on the butcher paper roll. They offer a wide variety.

From their website:

“Caffe Pagato is more than just a coffee shop. Owners Mike Davis and Jenny Melchor first envisioned Caffe Pagato as merely a small coffee kiosk offering Caltrans employees some brewed coffee. After getting connected with Amy Louis of Six Degrees Coffee out of Chico, that all changed. Amy opened their eyes to a whole new exciting world of specialty coffee that Mike and Jenny wanted to share with Redding.”



Full menu is online at Caffe Pagato’s really nice website. Nice work on that!


Below, the building Caffe Pagato is located inside at night. They aren’t open at night, however. But I like how this building looks at night too.

Night view of Redding Building

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Brick’s Smokehouse in Redding

There was a time it was hard to get good BBQ in Redding. Then, Brick’s arrived.

Bricks sign Bricks barThey offer some good beers on tap. Especially good news is that they have brews from our local Fall River Brewing Company. You can’t go wrong with any of their beers.

Bricks diningI’ve written about Brick’s BBQ in Redding before, back in 2010. Back when they were located on Placer, where Wilda’s Grill now graces our town. Brick’s moved here, to this former donut shop which is much larger. And they’ve been going gangbusters ever since. I read that they are planning on opening an additional east Redding location soon.

Bricks salad

Below, a Trinomi sandwich. One of their big sellers. It combines Tri-Tip with their smoked Pastrami, and is served with fries and Au Jus for dipping. Dee-lish.Bricks Trinomi

Bricks exterior2

There are now other places with good barbeque in Redding too, so Brick’s set a trend. I will say those other BBQ places can be rather predictable. Brick’s isn’t that kind of place. A lot more down to earth. Bricks exterior

Here’s a link to Brick’s BBQ website. Located at Eureka Way and 11th Street, Brick’s is firmly established in Really Redding.

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Sparkling Pomegranate Mead

Took a sip of this fine handmade Sparkling Pomegranate Mead I got for Christmas from Alex and Kimberly Gabel, wondering what food goes with Pomegranate Mead?
Sparkling Pomegranite Mead sm
Mmmm. Oh. All food. Thanks, you guys!

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Read the Shasta Lake Bulletin

Here’s a hyperlocal publication relevant to the Shasta Lake region.
Shasta Lake Bulletin2

Seen here are both an archived edition and the online version. Click on either to link to their site for the current news.Shasta Lake Bulletin
We keep a link in the sidebar as well. The more you know…

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Lim’s Cafe, 82 years and counting

Lim’s Cafe is an iconic Redding restaurant located on the Miracle Mile.

I shot and posted this nice sunset image below a few months back, and I see it now posted at Yelp, attributed to somebody else. Well, it is a nice image. Nevermind that copyright stuff. Pesky legalities. Just more evidence that you should always be very skeptical of what you see on Yelp.
LimsAnyway, Lim’s is a classic American Diner serving Chinese and American food.
Lims1 The kind of place where the waitresses know your name. Many daily regulars.
Lims2 The menu has stood the test of time. No small task in this town. Thriving for good reason.
Lims3Lims food2Lims food1

Lims4Above, a couple of lunch specials. The food comes fast and hot. Reassuring Chinese comfort food. For me, the hot mustard they serve alongside offered a needed spike, but the lovely Karry liked it seasoned just how they bring it out. That works.

Arriving in Redding from the north would be an altogether different experience without the warm neon glow of the Lim’s sign to let you know you are indeed home.
Located at 592 N Market St Redding, CA 96003, Phone number (530) 241-9747. Generally open daily 7 am to 9 pm.


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Watch the fish being fed at Turtle Bay Museum

You can watch the the fish in Turtle Bay’s Sacramento River aquarium being fed each day at 10:30 am. Here’s a brief video of the scene, recently.


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A balmy Winter day in Redding

Gorgeous day in Shasta County! Throw open the windows. We get some hot Summer days here, but our spectacular Winter days make up for it.Shasta County 12-23-14

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