Summer Schappell performs on national TV show

Local girl Summer Shappell appeared on a national TV show called “The Voice” this week. She did great, and you can watch it here:

Summer Schappell is the granddaughter of Bill Schappell, with whom I shared an adjacent desk at the real estate brokerage in 2009. Back then she was a very young, up and coming singer who had performed around Redding and recorded in Nashville. She and her band gave a terrific performance for an appreciative audience at the Asphalt Cowboys BBQ that year, and I took these photos and posted them here on Really Redding. Looks like a lot of hard work is paying off for Summer. I happen to know proud grandpa Bill had a hand in that effort.

Summer1 Summer2 Summer3 Summer4 Summer5 Summer6
Years of work to leads to “overnight success,” that’s Really Redding.

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See some of the nicest photographs of Redding and Shasta

Here’s a link to the Flickr page for the Shasta Photo Club . A collection definitely worth your view. Some amazing local images.

Shasta Photography

I see they recently had a group photo walk in Redding. Sounds like a lot of fun, and I am sorry I missed that event. Check out their work.

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Listen online to Redding composer Craig Padilla

Somebody assembled a playlist of videos at YouTube of only Craig Padilla’s music. It has a real nice flow. Great music to put on while working this rainy morning. I like to open a window in my browser to the link and let it play on in the background while I work.

You should try it.

Ascension Craig PadillaThe videos are mostly fan-produced, which is nice. What’s not all that nice is that Craig gets no pay for play. I see some ads, so somebody somewhere is getting paid.

The music “industry” model has been broken for some time now. But I know some artists are finding different ways to get paid. If you like what you hear and wish to support the artist directly, you can make a purchase at Craig’s website by clicking below. Craig and his family would appreciate it.

Interestingly, you can also find Craig Padilla in Wikipedia. Local talent recognized.

Craig greenjpg

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Redding gets a website redesign

The City of Redding has a new government website. The old website looked very much turn-of-the-century in style, and the URL was an awkward, or something like that. Anyway, the new site looks more user friendly for touch devices, and has some new features well worth exploring.
Redding websiteGetting better all the time, it’s Really Redding.

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Sheraton Redding breaks ground

Actually a pretty momentous occasion for our town. Makes me (even more) proud to be a citizen of Redding. Copied this from Facebook/ReviveRedding. Just have to share!

Validation. Our community moves forward! -Revive Redding

Validation. Our community moves forward! -Revive Redding

The new Sheraton at Turtle Bay will change our community for the better.
Sheraton Redding2

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Blood moon in eclipse


Went for a ride with some friends to check out the lunar eclipse last night.Thats-no-moon5

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Pope Francis pays a visit to the U.S.

I’m happy that the Pope is visiting the U.S. today. I admire him. I was raised a Catholic, although I have not considered myself to be such since a young man. This Pope seems much different than most during my lifetime. Pope Francis appears more humble, thoughtful, and less imperious. I find him inspiring. Last year we toured the Vatican on a somewhat rainy day, and I was lucky to capture some very nice photos. I thought the occasion of his visit a good excuse to look them over again.
Below, we pose in St Peter’s Square, where the Pope addresses crowds.
Kary and Skip at the VaticanThere was so much gorgeous art and architecture at the Vatican, it was overwhelming.

From Wikipedia: “Throughout his public life, Pope Francis has been noted for his humility, his concern for the poor, and his commitment to interfaith dialogue.” A much needed spirit for our times. Welcome to the U.S, Pope Francis. We are blessed by your presence.

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20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

Curating this here, because it’s good to remind oneself of these mind tricks that derail clear thinking. From The Big Picture blog and via Bruce Ross. Thanks, Bruce. Click to enlarge.
20 cognitive biases -bias

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Unintended selfie

A found my unintended image reflected in this photograph of a cabinet.
An artsy sort of selfie, then. Spirit within, spirit without.

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A beautiful day in Redding

Just a quick post of the beautiful view of Redding from The Bluffs condo community, where I was yesterday shooting a home that is being put up for sale.
Beautiful Redding CA 2015Spectacular Fall (almost) days. It’s Really Redding.

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