Fantasy Fountain at Kid’s Kingdom in Redding

Took grandson out to the Fantasy Fountain at Kid’s Kingdom located in Enterprise Park of Redding California. This was the last day of the 2016 season as they shut it down for the winter and maintenance. It was a beautiful day, and we pretty much had the run of the place.

Thank you City of Redding Parks and Recreation! We had a blast.

You should know that the Kid’s Kingdom park is currently raising funds for a much needed rebuild/makeover. Anything helps. Click on this link to go to the Redding Parks and Recreation website to learn how you can help.


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Slide the City comes to Redding

The hill on Placer Street yesterday became a giant urban waterslide for a day.

slide-the-city slide-the-city2 slide-the-city3

Portions of the money raised here will go toward rebuilding the facilities at Kid’s Kingdom, a park in east Redding we’re very fond of. Judging by turnout, the event was big success. I’m told there were over 4000 participants.

Active Norcal presents a bunch of images of Slide the City Redding collected from social media at the link.

Close off a major street for a giant urban waterslide, that’s Really Redding.

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My new car sent me an email

We recently traded our fully electric Nissan Leaf for a plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt. Unexpectedly, the Volt sent me an email yesterday.

Our 2017 Volt with our 2013 Nissan Leaf in the background.

Our 2017 Volt with our 2013 Nissan Leaf in the background.

It let me know how well I was doing at driving it around (and compared me to others), how much air was in the tires, and some other interesting (to me) facts. I have never received an email message from my car before. We purchased a 2017 Chevy Volt about a month ago to replace the Leaf, which we had driven all electric for the last 3 years. The Volt has been shockingly good, a big leap ahead as a plug in hybrid. It is also a 4GLTE wi-fi hotspot, so it can communicate with the internet of things (IoT). So it makes sense that it would send me notes.
If you are a nerd like me, driving modes in the Volt gives you some mad-scientist tools to use to achieve maximum driving efficiency. In addition to the different driving modes meant to optimize distance and terrain, there is a paddle switch on the steering wheel that lets you apply regenerative braking. That uses the inertia of the car being slowed to slightly recharge the battery. Much more efficient than friction braking, and if done well allows you to almost drive with only the accelerator pedal alone.

Point being, I’m sure I can improve on the 159 miles per gallon we’ve gotten since we bought it with better technique. I’m not the only driver though, and my wife tends to drive it like any ordinary car, ignoring any efficiency options. Which you can certainly do. But where’s the fun in that? True fact, we have driven more than 1000 miles in this vehicle, and have not put a single drop of gas in it. We are still driving on what gasoline the dealer left us in the 9 gallon tank.
Coincidentally, the car’s email arrived the day we learned Uber has begun using self driving cabs in Pittsburgh. So much new technology! Cars have really changed over my lifetime, and now the changes promise to be rapid and breathtaking. Could this be the last car I’ll ever buy? I like cars, but I don’t see the idea of ordering up a self-driving ride on my phone as a bad thing.

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Have Kayak, will shoot

Shoot photos, that is. Redding photographer Jim Duckworth jumps in his kayak to get up close and personal with the beautiful scenery and wildlife to be found in the Northstate. Here are some samples of his work.

Duckworth Osprey

Duckworth Eagle2
Duckworth bird
Duckworth Pelicans2Duckworth young bird1

We are blessed in Redding in that we are located so near to so much natural beauty and wildlife. Several of these shots seen here were taken at Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park, which is located about 80 miles east of Redding. Ahjumawi is not well known across the state, so you can find yourself some real solitude and glimpses of the natural world without much civilization.

Getting good results in wild places is truly challenging. It’s one thing to make the commitment to going where the subjects can be found, and bringing your equipment. Quite another thing to capture the moment with clarity and intention. Here, we see the high quality results speak for themselves. You can see more of Jim Duckworth’s fine photography at his Facebook page.
Self portrait Jim Duckworth
Thanks for letting me share these images here, Jim. It’s Really Redding.

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Bistro No. 107 in Mt Shasta

Recently stopped in for a pleasant lunch at the new Bistro No. 107 in Mt. Shasta.

It’s wedged into the triangular lot at the conjunction of Mt Shasta Boulevard and Chestnut Street.

Bistro 107 Patio

This was the Billy Goat Tavern for a long time.

Always a great place stop for a beer after a long day of skiing. The new owner has given it his own touch, and we liked it a lot.

Bistro 107 proprietor Serge Margot.

Bistro 107 proprietor Serge Margot.

Found this online at
The opening of Serge Margot’s Bistro 107 earlier this month in downtown Mount Shasta is due in part to the city’s Community Development Block Grant program.
“It’s great that the city is assisting business owners who are trying to make Mount Shasta a better place,” Margot said.
Bistro 107, located in the old Billy Goat Tavern building at 107 Chestnut St., was made possible when Margot qualified for a microenterprise loan through Mount Shasta’s CDBG program, according to a press release from Great Northern Services.
Bistro 107 trees
There is a lot of outdoor seating in the front and back patio. We sat beneath the tall trees on the shaded back patio, and watched the world go by on Mt Shasta Boulevard.
Bistro 107 FoodA very creative menu with several specials. I had the Halibut Burger, and the lovely Karry chose the Panko Crusted Snapper sandwich with garlic fries. A Fresh Squeezed IPA and a Hexagenia hit the spot. Nice shade out here on the patio on this Mt Shasta summer day.

Bistro 107 trees2

They post their Bistro 107 Specials menu and ever changing tap lineup at their Facebook page.

You can just catch a glimpse of Mt Shasta itself in the background, below.

Bistro 107 wide

Bistro No. 107. you should check it out. No need to wait for Bistro No. 108.

Just about an hour of a gorgeous drive north of Really Redding.

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Rainy day Redding

“Déjà Vu or Corbett’s?”

“Corbett’s. It’s quieter this time of day.”

A snippet of conversation from a blogpost that sounds very Redding. Posting here to give a shout out to this local blog from Everyday Redding.

Everyday Redding blog

Everyday Redding is also a card that offers discounts to local retailers and services. Another cool thing they do is list events that you can enjoy in Redding every weekend. It’s all good stuff.

Nice to see others treat Redding as the destination it has become, rather than just a refueling stop on a busy interstate highway.

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On driving electric in Redding

We drove our Nissan Leaf over 33,000 miles on nothing but electricity in and around Redding over the last 3 years.  33K miles, 0 gallons of gas.

We have some some observations.


We love this car. It’s incredibly easy to forget gas stations forever. You plug it in at night, and it’s all charged up in the morning. Much like a smart phone.

Leaf in French Gulch 2

No smog checks. No oil changes. No burnt hydrocarbon smell. Just quiet, nimble, and torque. Lots of torque. We love driving this car. It’s flat out fun to drive.


Leaf at Highland Circle

And cheap to drive. The Kill-O-Watt meter shows just $4.95 to charge all day. But it takes only a half day to charge on 110 VAC (standard household voltage).

Energy usage Leaf 1280

But there are downsides to driving electric around Redding.

  1. Lack of charging stations on and around Redding. There just aren’t many around here, and few new ones arrived in the 3 years we drove it. That’s a pitiful reality, for a city that owns its own electric utility.
  2. Range anxiety. It’s real. We always found ways to work around it, but the car becomes less useful the more you “work around” its limitations.
  3. It ate tires. Okay, so that might be the way we drove it. Torque can do that.


Grandson knows you must unplug this car before you can drive away.

Grandson knows you must unplug this car before you can drive it away. My grandkids will inherit a different world in so many ways.

Seriously, we loved the car. And importantly, we discovered that electric propulsion is surely the future of automobiles. It makes for a great driving experience. And maybe the future for the planet, if we are to have a future. It was good not to have a tailpipe.

Right now, the Chevy Volt looks like a better fit for our business and our local geography. As a plug in hybrid, it has a 50 mile range on electricity alone, and also a gas generator to increase the range if needed. So we returned the Leaf at the end of the lease. Will let your know how well our new Volt works.

“If the leaders find that the concept of phasing out all emissions from coal, and taking measures to ensure that unconventional fossil fuels are left in the ground or used only with zero-carbon emissions, is too inconvenient, then, in that case, they could instead spend a small amount of time composing a letter to be left for future generations. The letter should explain that the leaders realized their failure to take these actions would cause our descendants to inherit a planet with a warming ocean, disintegrating ice sheets, rising sea level, increasing climate extremes, and vanishing species, but it would have been too much trouble to make changes to our energy systems and to oppose the business interests who insisted on burning every last bit of fossil fuels. By composing this letter the leaders will at least achieve an accurate view of their place in history.”

NASA Scientist, James Hansen, from Storms of my Grandchildren.

Leaf at Clearies sm600px


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Grandson, 3 years old, upon finding a deceased dragonfly in the swimming pool.


“Why did it die?”


“Everything dies, eventually”, my reply.




“Well, that’s a good question.”

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Jury Duty for Federal Court in Sacramento

Citizens of Redding supply jurors for federal cases held in Sacramento. Perhaps you have received a similar summons, as did the lovely Karry recently.
Old town 13
Showing up on a Monday at 8 am is problematic, being a 165 mile drive south. So we went together down to Sacramento the night before. Of course, I captured a few Sacramento images.

Old town 15

“Your honor, at this time we wish to excuse the exquisite blonde bombshell juror for being just too darn distracting to the courtroom,” said an attorney, probably.

Anyway, the lovely Karry was cut loose fairly early on in the proceedings. Her civic duty faithfully executed, we happily headed north to Granzellas for sips and apps.

Sacramento is truly an excellent city to visit, either for duty or pleasure.
They even share our river. And as fortune would have it, experiencing the capital of California is a relatively easy 2.5 hours drive down Interstate 5 from Really Redding.

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Bricks Roadhouse in Redding closes

Bricks Roadhouse opened on Churn Creek Road just over a year ago. Definitely a Redding original, I had posted here about Bricks 2 previous locations. I liked their food very much. I took these images seen below intending to post about the Churn Creek location. But I hesitated, thinking I needed a few better photos first. I really wanted an image of the cool looking bar. Too late, now.

Today I read at that Bricks has closed. Too bad. In retrospect, the images I captured make it appear mostly empty. A grim foreshadowing.

This building has seen several restaurants come and go.
I was hoping Bricks would break the cycle.

Bricks2 -smBricks3 -smBricks7 -sm
Bricks1 -smBricks8 -sm
Bricks6 -smBricks4 -sm


In my draft, I wrote:

“Bricks has been around for years. This is the third time I’ve written about them in this blog, and this is their third location. With each move, they’ve grown bigger and the list of food and drinks grows accordingly. Evidence they have a menu for success.”

Evidently not. Easy to blame the building/location. Who will be next to give it a try?

Thanks for trying, Bricks. Looking back on my first post about Bricks from 2010, you can sense the excitement as they begin, and start to grow popular. That feeling like the sky is the limit.

The restaurant business is really tough in Really Redding.

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