Shasta Paddlers group finds liquid fun

Here is a group based around Redding for kayaking and “the paddling lifestyle,”  Shasta Paddlers.

Shasta Paddlers

I see here they have a paddling meet-up posted for February 6 in Redding. They’ll be practicing in heated pool, so that sounds pretty good.KayaksThere’s no shortage of places to paddle in the northstate. It’s Really Redding.

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Point in Time Homeless Count in Redding

I was one of about 120 people who volunteered for the once-a-year homeless count and survey in Redding this year.  Hopefully an accurate count will bring more resources to our community. Some volunteered at specific locations like the Mission. I volunteered to search for people in camps and on the streets. I wanted to help, and figured I’d learn a few things. Indeed so.

Looking for camps

Looking for camps with Ed Brewer, Peggy Filaski, and Team leader Jamie Butcher.

My line of work is all about homes, so those without homes seemed alien to me. We humans are tribal beings, and I notice a tendency to lump together “the homeless” like they were some homogenous tribe of humans. That is far from true. I saw old people and kids, drugged and sober, men and women, sane and certifiable. No rhyme or reason, or pattern. Just unsheltered humans trying to make their way through life.

"Anyone home?" You realize this is home for somebody.

“Anyone home?” You realize this is home for somebody.

A few observations:

Some scary looking people are themselves very scared.

Recent heavy rains made outdoor camping impossible. Many obvious camps were empty.

Air dusting cans. Presumably it's dusty out here.

Air dusting cans. Presumably it’s dusty out here.

Most people I met were more than happy to talk about themselves. But not all.

Ed Brewer interviews behind a big box store in Redding.

Ed Brewer interviews behind a big box store in Redding.

Most of the people I interviewed had solid connection to Redding and Shasta County. They weren’t transient. Several had lived here all their lives. If you put them on a bus out of town, they’d come back.

You can’t tell who is homeless just by looking at how they are dressed.

Jamie and Peggy interviews a fairly well dressed homeless man.

Jamie and Peggy interview a fairly well dressed homeless man.

I now realize I have underestimated how many homeless live in cars in Redding. A vehicle is a better option for the unsheltered than a campsite in winter. They are sprinkled in parking lots and less-traveled locations.

That realization led to another conclusion. I understand the idea of a homeless day center is controversial. I myself have always favored the “housing first” approach. But a day center would serve the homeless in cars and others in an immediately useful way.

Consider this: If you don’t actually have a homeless day center, then your whole fucking city is a shitty version of a homeless day center. And we all live with the consequences.

They are rousted out of the canyons and riverbanks. So how can we be surprised to find them on our streets and entryways. It’s illogical at best.

Homeless camp3

A couple of poignant moments:

A reticent young man in Caldwell Park looked me clearly in the eyes and told me he’d been clean and sober from meth for 33 days. I don’t exactly know why that choked me up, but it did. Still does.

I interviewed an elderly gentleman who called himself Bo on the lawn in front of Taco Bell. He looked like hell. He told me that he’d been living under the bridge at Cypress Street and some of the younger homeless were beating up the older homeless and taking their meager belongings. He said, ” I don’t know if I’ll last another week out here.”

When I asked “elderly” Bo his birthdate as part of the questionnaire, I realized he and I were the same age.

Homeless scene

Take the questionnaire for yourself. Click below to enlarge. Where are you sleeping tonight?

Homeless survey


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Redding’s Firechief has a blog and is active on social media

You can catch up with the Firechief of Redding at his blog: From the Firehouse. Be sure to read his review of 2015 at the Redding Fire Department and the record 12,856 calls for service. Chief Gerry Gray is also quite active on twitter @ggfire343 and well worth following for the up-to-the-minute fire coverage in our very flammable region.
Firehouse Blog Gerry Gray


Fire is a concern everywhere, and especially with our warm Summers. But I saw two homes burned in town just this week, so dangerous in Winter as well. I have never required the department’s services, but I am reassured that we have these professionals on whom we can rely for emergency help.

FireEngine1Fire ReddingRFD2

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Build It in Redding

Spring 2016 classes have been posted for this wonderful Redding after school program, Build It. Classes include:

Lego Robotics
Scratch Computer Programming
Arduino and Electronics
Javascript and HTML
Stop-Motion Animation

As a child, I would have absolutely eaten this stuff up. How terrific that we have this available to today’s Redding youth. Even though I’m in real estate, barely a day goes by that I don’t need to code something in HTML or CSS. It would have been a lot easier to learn as a kid!

Build it

Build It’s Core Values from their About page:

We believe

  • Education is fun
  • When there is passion, there is education
  • Freedom is one of most empowering vehicle of education
  • Creativity is more important than knowledge
  • Generosity multiplies open mind and effortless learning

Therefore we

  • make it fun for everyone come in contact with Build It: paid or non-paid students, parents, social workers, staff, classes, camps, birthday parties, charity events,…
    recognize the spark, and light it on fire!
  • give staff the freedom to run
  • staff give students as much freedom as possible
  • the goal is not to obtain knowledge, but to promote creativity
  • give generously, time, resource, knowledge, and ideas

Build It. That’s Really Redding.


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RABA launches new online transit map for Redding

“I’ve got two tickets to paradise.”  Eddy Money

Even if you’re not Eddy Money, you can get two tickets to the paradise we have here in Shasta County… for not very much money at all. RABA stands for Redding Area Busing Authority, and offers rides around Redding for a base fare of $1.50. Recently, they launched a new online interactive map for Redding area bus riders.

RABA map1

RABA map2

Getting around without spending much money. That’s Really Redding.

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Christmas in Redding in 2015

Here’s a sweet little video put together by Rocky Slaughter of of Sugar Pine Media. Featuring music by Redding artist Tracy Manuel from Miracle Mile Records.

Traditional Christmas. It’s Really Redding.

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Snowplay areas around Redding

There are two popular spots in the mountains surrounding Redding for casual snowplay, Eskimo Hill and Snowman Summit. Eskimo Hill is near Lassen Peak on Hwy 44, and Snowman is on the way to McCloud on Hwy 89. Recently, I took some images of our family outing to Snowman Summit, below.
Snowman Summit

Snowman Summit 2015 from Skip Murphy on Vimeo.

Snow TreesSnowman Summit is about an hour’s drive from Redding. It has the added advantage of having a Snowman Summit webcam, courtesy of CalTrans, so you can see snow conditions in real time.

Free snowplay. It’s Really Redding.


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Free tickets to see Decades at the Cascade this afternoon

[edit] Tickets taken! That was quick. Thanks, readers.

Redding friends, I have 2 tickets to the afternoon performance of the band Decades at the Cascade today, a benefit for the Sheriff’s Assoc. A $40 value, free for the asking. So ask! (530) 356 4500.

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Drone imagery of Redding’s Sundial Bridge

Well technically called a UAV for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Drone imagery of Redding’s Sundial Bridge is presented here as captured by eImaging.
Beautiful Redding.

Side note: It’s regrettable that use of drones to shoot real estate videos (or any commercial video) remains illegal in the U.S. except in rare cases. Meanwhile, you can use “hobbiest” UAVs for unpaid imagery like this. The photographic quality has come so far. I would love to use this tool for my home seller clients.

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Grandson sets out to clean up Redding

More fun with Hyperlapse as I capture my grandson sweeping the streets of Redding. It’s a big job.TalonSweeping

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