A Redding Wedding at Riverview

A Redding Wedding at Riverview Country Club. Not new, but very nice.

Tim & Lauren from Tyler Faires on Vimeo.

Riverview weddings. That’s Really Redding.

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Taqueria Los Gordos in Redding

Los Gordos is a classic Mexican food place in downtown Redding, at the corner of Pine and Tehama. We usually go for the street-vendor style carnitas tacos.
Los Gordos 2

Los Gordos 3

Los Gordos 5The dining area is utilitarian, but you can gaze out the windows on a couple of Redding’s busiest streets.
Since we’re here, we recall years ago, eating at this restaurant and watching Redding’s fabled Cruise Night. “The Cruise” was pretty mild craziness by today’s tough street standards. Something of a “Mad Max meets Burning Man with a Deliverance soundtrack” vibe. Wild enough for city fathers to outlaw, even back then. Too bad, really. It was quite a spectacle. We shall say a brief prayer now for “The Cruise” and simpler times.
Los Gorditos 1
We usually take-out. Ideal for picnics, these foil wrapped pockets of cilantro-onion-corn tortilla delight travel well. This tastes much better than I can make it look as a photo. Not your cheesy-lettuce style tacos here. Auténtico.
Los Gordos 4
Los Gordos has 2 locations in Redding. The other on Churn Creek near Bonneyview. The Taqueria Los Gordos website also mentions a restaurant in Red Bluff. Looks like they’ve got el estado del norte covered.
Auténtico carnitas tacos. It’s Really Redding.

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Whimsical arboretum art lives on

This art installation graced the McConnell Arboretum in Redding for a while, some time ago. Luckily, I captured this black and white image. I think about it whenever I stroll the grounds of our local arboretum.
Arboretum art 960px
In this way, even a temporary art installation lives on. Thanks McConnell Arboretum!
McConnell ArboretumEphemeral art installations. It’s Really Redding.

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Kahunas Mongolian BBQ in Redding

Kahunas is one Redding’s more recent new restaurants. They let you build a bowl of your choices of stir-fry type elements, and then cook it in front of you on a super hot flat grill.

Kahunas7Located on Market street heading south, across from Herried Music. They offer a full bar.


Add your cooking choices from a bewildering array of sauces, spices, and oils. They have recipes to follow, if you prefer. Or wing it.


Then watch while your bowl gets grilled. It won’t take long. That grill is HOT!



They hand it over to you steaming and sizzling. It was so delicious looking and aromatic, I forgot to take a photo before digging in.  But here’s after a few bites, along with sticky rice.



Terrific choices of craft beers. And the interesting wasabi sauce at the table capped it off.

Kahunas8Kahunas is open 7 days a week, 11 am to 9 pm, which is awesome. No need to wonder if they are open. Go hungry, or you’ll need a to-go box. Kahunas is all about choices, so you can’t really go wrong.


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Anybody know what kind of tree this is, in Redding?

I see a lot of Redding yard landscaping. This tree is unusual. Wildly prolific purple blossoms in Spring.
Purple TreeStunning, and then these golden seed pods in late Summer.

Purple Tree2A closer look at the seeds. Click on any image to slightly enlarge.

Purple Tree3This tree and at least one more is off Alta Mesa, at the corner of Marlene and Cockerill. A very stunning specimen, and not typical around here. I’m curious. Let me know if you know what kind of tree this is.

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Go get an Onoburger at the Ono Store and International Cafe

Ono is only about 16 miles from Redding on out Placer Road, but it feels somehow much farther away. Arriving there feels like the culmination of some kind of trek, crossing this insanely tall bridge.Veterans Bridge2
Idyllic pastoral Shasta County scenes line your journey.
IGO barnThe Ono Store and International Cafe is our destination. Downtown Ono.
Ono StoreInside, it’s wild and wonderful.
Ono 2

Ono 3

Ono 4There’s also a patio out back. No photos of the food, for once. We’ll gladly revisit and get some images. They do have good photos at the Ono Store and International Cafe Facebook Page, which you should Like. Order an Onoburger with cheese for the full experience. The buns are homemade. 11851 N. Platina Road. (530) 396-2300. It hits the spot.Ono 1If you can envision the culinary spectrum of Shasta food from east to west as say Anselmo, to View 202, to Damburger, to Moonstone and beyond, you can’t say you’ve experienced the full gamut without a trip out Placer Road for an Onoburger.
Onoburgers, they’re Really Redding.

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Firedance Friday

Here’s a recording I captured of a firedance, performed in Palo Cedro a few weeks ago.
With all the recent wildfires raging here locally, posting this seems almost risque`.
FlameStill1When one dances with fire, it can burn.

FireDance9 -1280
FireDance8 -1280FireDance3 -1280

FireDance2 -1280FireDance1 -1280Wishing safe success to the firefighters on the Gulch Fire in Bella Vista today. Protecting Northstate homes from wildfire is a different dance altogether.

Dancing with fire, it’s Really Redding.

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High speed rail to Redding

My friend Dave Rowney posted an image on Facebook that sparked my imagination.
Daves train 3Okay, so this is actually the TGV train from Paris to Barcelona. And then I added the Redding destination sign. A person can dream.

I’ve posted about this subject before. High speed rail would put Redding on the map.
This map. I didn’t alter it. Click to enlarge. R-E-D-D-I-N-G.
Rail map
Local business people wring their hands about our admittedly sparse airline service. How great would it be to hop on a train or two, and ride to Chicago? It would be really great. More about the HSR project at the official website:
Rail HSRRedding began as a rail town. We stand to gain a lot from high speed rail. Thanks Dave Rowney, for letting me abuse your terrific travel photo to help make the point. Here’s the unaltered original.Daves train

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Cottonwood Creek wet and dry

A study in contrast. The first image, the Interstate 5 bridge at Cottonwood Creek, when it was running at a pretty good clip in 2006.

Cottonwood Creek wetAnd then below, from yesterday in 2014.

Cottonwood Creek dryI’ve noticed a lot of changes in the local creekbeds since the drought began. Much of lower Churn Creek’s riparian vegetation is dying or in distress. I sure hope we get a wet winter.

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The Fantasy Fountain at Kids Kingdom

Imagine this water wonderland from the eyes of a child. Here’s a look at Redding’s Fantasy Fountain at Kids Kingdom park, as seen for the first time by grandson Talon, age 1.

Free Fantasy Fountains for kids. It’s Really Redding.

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