Lake Shasta at Jones Valley Resort

Captured a few quick images of the Jones Valley Marina and Resort yesterday.

Looks like it will be a great year on the lake in 2016! Click to enlarge.

Silverthorn Marina

Silverthorn2 2016

Silverthorn 1 2016

Years of drought made for some lean tourist seasons for our resorts.

Not this year.

Another resort/marina out that way is Silverthorn. They posted this amusing pitch on their website:

“The US Department of State is issuing Worldwide Caution with respect to the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world. Why take the chance of traveling abroad this summer when you can opt for a safe and luxurious vacation on Shasta Lake and stay close to home. Call us at 800-332-3044 to discuss your needs, or book online now at“

Indeed, why take a chance? Throw your “Worldwide Caution” to the wind.

Vacationing on Lake Shasta is Really Redding.

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Mouse in the pool

Redding mouse secures refuge on a makeshift island consisting of a pool sweep float.

Mouse in pool
As found this morning. Presumably it was an anxious night for said rodent. Click to enlarge and then see what you think is going on in it’s tiny mind. Skimmed out calmly, and set free to face the next mouse challenge.

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Sunset Koi

Meet Victoria, co owner of Sunset Koi and Pond Supply in Redding.

Sunset Koi2

Sunset Koi sells Japanese Koi from their ponds just south of the Redding  airport. Seen below, Queen Victoria summons her aquatic subjects with just a wave of her hand. This waterfall and pond contains her pets.

Sunset koi3I’ve been pondering Koi recently, since I spent several months feeding fish daily for a client who had moved away and left me to sell her house -along with the fish. Feeding Cheerios to friendly and beautiful Koi while watching them swim about is a very calming activity. The home I had listed for sale on Bear Mountain Road sold a few days ago, and the buyer actually wrote the fish into the purchase agreement!

Koi added value to the home.

Sunset Koi4Click any image to enlarge. Turns out, there is an active group of Koi enthusiasts in the Northstate, although judging  from their club website they seem to be between leaders. It happens.

So pretty!
Sunset Koi6

Sunset Koi7

Koi are domesticated Carp, as are Goldfish. They have been selectively bred over time for color and scale variations.

Sunset Koi8

Seen here are their fish for sale. Sunset Koi sells fish in a price range from $15 to $400. Victoria knows many of the Koi people in town, and after I told her my Koi home sale story, she told me of a local home that recently sold for close to a million dollars, where the owner would actually fly to Japan to purchase fish. Not sure if the fish went with the house! I have also seen a deep Koi pond at a Redding home, where you could literally swim with the fish. The Koi lifestyle seems a pursuit you could spend as much or as little as you’d like. They are like swimming art objects.

Sunset Koi9

Sunset Koi also sells fancy goldfish, fish supplies, and waterplants. And a multitude of pond making and sustaining supplies.

So soothing to watch.

Sunset Koi10a

Below, from the Sunset Koi Facebook page. They are hosting a contest (“Pondtest,” actually) that will allow you a day of self guided tours of 9 local ponds:

“For those who haven’t heard of the Pondtest; it’s a fun little event that Sunsetkoi put together back in 2014. People opened their ponds for public viewing for one day over the summer and the public got the chance to view the ponds and vote on which was their favorite.

We are currently putting together the list of ponds and sponsors and are in need of at least two more ponds for the Pondtest which will be held June 18th from 9am to 4pm. If you are interested please message us over facebook or email us at

For those who don’t wish to be on the Pondtest but would like to view ponds tickets will be available April 1st at Sunset Koi, and a few select stores that will be announced at a later date. You are more than welcome to call Sunset Koi or check out the website for more info.”

Sunset Koi 1

Swimming art in soothing ponds. That’s Really Redding.

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Heavy river flows in Redding

River-in-Redding640After 4 years of drought, it really is somewhat disturbing to watch high water flows in the Sacramento River as it flows past lovely Redding California. Knowing the water won’t be stored downstream for later in our hot Summer. Drawing down Lake Shasta for flood control prudence, but perhaps for nothing. So it’s a pretty view, but also a reminder that we need more water storage like the Sites Reservoir to be built if California is to continue to thrive.
Overabundant water, it’s Really Redding.

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Good Friday in Redding

Took the cousins to the McConnell Arboretum north of the Sundial Bridge in Redding. The lovely Karry captured this cute image on her iPhone.
Cousins At Turtle Bay Arboretum Mosaic2Whimsical and colorful. It looks like the turtle sculpture is turning it’s head to look into the camera. The smartphone cameras take terrific photos these days. And we are truly lucky to have this gorgeous arboretum available to the public here in Really Redding.

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Phantom Falls near Oroville

Curating this here. I ran across this image on Reddit yesterday from user SonOfOnett. I don’t think I’d ever heard of Phantom Falls. Click to enlarge.
Phantom Falls

This year all the local waterfalls are running strong. I was talking to a friend about this photo, so I’m posting it here so I can more easily point it out. The terrain looks so much like that part of the valley about 70 miles south of Redding. All green and covered with flowers this time of year. This would be a great year to go see all our local falls. So beautiful! Thanks for the image, SonOfOnett!

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Miracle March

After 4 years of drought, seeing the lake fill quickly was miraculous indeed. Should be a great year for lake fans.
Miracle March1

Miracle March2Abundant water. That’s Really Redding.

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Driveway Morels

All the rain brought in a fairy ring of Morels popping up right out of the gravel driveway of this house in Shasta Lake City. I think they are edible, but somehow the idea of foraging a driveway for mushrooms just isn’t very appetizing, Interesting, though.Morel1Later, on Facebook, I was informed there is a variation of these called False Morel that can be poisonous. I wasn’t planning on eating these anyway, but good to know.

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Street gangs of Redding

Spotted this gang on the street this morning. Click to slightly enlarge.

Turkey Stroll
Turkey Male

Turkey Male2

#Thuglife Redding style.

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Armando’s Gallery House in Redding

A dinner at Armando’s Gallery House is unlike anything you are otherwise liable to experience in Redding.
Armando Mejorado is a Redding artist, who works in a broad range of media. He opened an art gallery in a charming building on the Promenade, and began hosting parties. The parties turned into regular food servings and wine pairing. In addition, you can paint on Thursdays. Have some wine with friends and go to work on canvas. It’s incredibly unique and special.

They offer a prix fixe menu, from which you may order a la carte. You can find out what’s on Armando’s restaurant menu on any given night via Facebook. Armando’s seems only to rely on word of mouth and social media to get the word out. They encourage online sharing and interaction. At FB, you can see images of his past special events. Check out the recent Burlesque event for Valentines Day.

When you step inside and get a table, the attentive staff suggests you get up and walk around for a look. The decor changes continually. Downstairs, Armando has a gallery showing of his work. It reveals depth and authenticity seldom glimpsed.

I published about Armando’s Gallery House Morroccan Dinner a while back, thinking it was a one time event. It seems the events proved popular, and turned into nightly gatherings. It’s fabulous for private parties.

Armando’s doesn’t simply blur the lines between culinary arts and fine art. It acknowledges they are one and the same.

Here’s the thing:

Like any art gallery showing, something this special has a beginning and an end.
Premier and Finale.

I suggest you get down there right away, before the moment is gone forever. Don’t wait and let the opportunity slip away.
1350 Butte St Redding, California (530) 768-1241

Armando’s is Really Redding.

Armandos Gallery

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