Beautiful skies accent Airshow Mixer


Good to see everyone at the Airshow Mixer on Friday before the big Redding Airshow. Good food and drinks too.Planes 2014 mixer crowd

But I couldn’t take my eyes off these beautiful planes under dramatic Redding skies.Plane 2014a Plane 2014Plane 1280Plane fan takes a photoI wasn’t the only one taking pictures. It was a beautiful evening. See you at the Redding Airshow. Thank you Redding Exchange Club for all your hard work on this charitable event!

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Sculpture watchdog guards

Spotted this sculpture watchdog in north Redding today.
Sculpture watchdogLooks effective enough, and probably doesn’t eat much. It’s Really Redding.

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A decent rain breaks a long dry spell in Redding

So, we’re having this drought in Redding California. Today, we got some good rain for the first time in a long time. My grandson has lived much of his short life in a world without rain, during our extended drought. Today, he gets a taste.

Joy in the rain. This year, that’s Really Redding.

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Yes on Measure B rally strikes an optimistic chord

A few images from today’s enthusiastic Yes on B rally! The measure seeks voter approval to enable that a 4 Star Sheraton Hotel be built on this patch of shovel ready dirt.

Dirt which currently produces ZERO revenue. We need these jobs.Rally1 Rally2 Rally3 Rally5
Please join me and your neighbors seen here who want something better for our town. Please vote yes on B. It’s Really Redding.

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Lulus Eating and Drinking Establishment

Today we’re looking at Lulu’s Eating and Drinking Establishment, located at the terminus of Pine, California, South Market, and Cypress.  “All roads lead to Lulu’s.”Lulus frontAt first, you might think it an ordinary hotel/motel based diner. But it’s definitely not ordinary. It’s a full bar too, and you can order drinks. Strong drinks in fact.
Lulus Main diningOverheard in the booth adjacent, “I want a Steak Diane, but with Chicken.” The waitress hesitated only briefly to consider that menu idea before agreeing and setting a price. “And bring us 2 tequila shots.” No hesitation at all on that afternoon request.

Lulus Chickenfried steakClassic American Diner Cuisine. I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak, and the lovely Karry opted for the Prime Rib Sandwich. “We serve a lot of Prime Rib,” says our waitress. You can order everything from their extensive menu, at all hours.

Maybe next time I’ll order “Prime Rib Sandwich, only with chicken,” just to see if the waitress even hesitates.

Lulus Prime RibIt’s bigger inside than it looks from the outside. The decor is meant to be sort of an ersatz Barbary Coast. But that look is hardly an artifice in Redding, which has seen it’s fair share of bordellos. Redding has been a logging, mining, dam building kind of place, and Lulu’s captures our Western essence very well.
Lulus Lounge
Lulus BarBack here in the meeting room, they used to have the Shasta Blues Society jams on Thursday nights. All that’s left of the blues seems to be the carpet.
Lulus Meeting roomLulu’s has a website with menus. And a Facebook page to Like.
Lulu websiteHappy Hour starts every day at 3 pm. But you can be happy you came to Lulu’s anytime. It’s Really Redding.


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Scary clown greets travelers

This billboard greets travelers as they approach Redding from I-5 from the north. Maybe a scary clown isn’t the best image to convey, but then again…Welcome to ReddingHawes Farms runs a Halloween Haunted House that’s well liked locally, scary clowns and all. Visit Historic Hawes Farms for more.

Fright by Night, it’s, uh. No, it’s not Really Redding.

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A Redding Wedding at Riverview

A Redding Wedding at Riverview Country Club. Not new, but very nice.

Tim & Lauren from Tyler Faires on Vimeo.

Riverview weddings. That’s Really Redding.

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Taqueria Los Gordos in Redding

Los Gordos is a classic Mexican food place in downtown Redding, at the corner of Pine and Tehama. We usually go for the street-vendor style carnitas tacos.
Los Gordos 2

Los Gordos 3

Los Gordos 5The dining area is utilitarian, but you can gaze out the windows on a couple of Redding’s busiest streets.
Since we’re here, we recall years ago, eating at this restaurant and watching Redding’s fabled Cruise Night. “The Cruise” was pretty mild craziness by today’s tough street standards. Something of a “Mad Max meets Burning Man with a Deliverance soundtrack” vibe. Wild enough for city fathers to outlaw, even back then. Too bad, really. It was quite a spectacle. We shall say a brief prayer now for “The Cruise” and simpler times.
Los Gorditos 1
We usually take-out. Ideal for picnics, these foil wrapped pockets of cilantro-onion-corn tortilla delight travel well. This tastes much better than I can make it look as a photo. Not your cheesy-lettuce style tacos here. Auténtico.
Los Gordos 4
Los Gordos has 2 locations in Redding. The other on Churn Creek near Bonneyview. The Taqueria Los Gordos website also mentions a restaurant in Red Bluff. Looks like they’ve got el estado del norte covered.
Auténtico carnitas tacos. It’s Really Redding.

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Whimsical arboretum art lives on

This art installation graced the McConnell Arboretum in Redding for a while, some time ago. Luckily, I captured this black and white image. I think about it whenever I stroll the grounds of our local arboretum.
Arboretum art 960px
In this way, even a temporary art installation lives on. Thanks McConnell Arboretum!
McConnell ArboretumEphemeral art installations. It’s Really Redding.

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Kahunas Mongolian BBQ in Redding

Kahunas is one Redding’s more recent new restaurants. They let you build a bowl of your choices of stir-fry type elements, and then cook it in front of you on a super hot flat grill.

Kahunas7Located on Market street heading south, across from Herried Music. They offer a full bar.


Add your cooking choices from a bewildering array of sauces, spices, and oils. They have recipes to follow, if you prefer. Or wing it.


Then watch while your bowl gets grilled. It won’t take long. That grill is HOT!



They hand it over to you steaming and sizzling. It was so delicious looking and aromatic, I forgot to take a photo before digging in.  But here’s after a few bites, along with sticky rice.



Terrific choices of craft beers. And the interesting wasabi sauce at the table capped it off.

Kahunas8Kahunas is open 7 days a week, 11 am to 9 pm, which is awesome. No need to wonder if they are open. Go hungry, or you’ll need a to-go box. Kahunas is all about choices, so you can’t really go wrong.


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