GTO drag race car for sale in Redding

Longtime readers will recall my friend Bob passed away a while back, and now his family needs to sell his race car. With all the car folks in town for Kool April Nites, I figure it would be good to post this again. Please share widely, and to anyone you know who might be interested. $80K into it, offered at $60K. When Bob tried to describe what it was like to drive it, words failed. Must be amazing!
GTO for sale 1080For Sale!  Click to enlarge image above

This 1966 Pontiac GTO bodied Drag car represents a very good example of a modern drag race car custom build.  Currently located in Redding California.

The custom 1966 Pontiac “Door Slammer” GTO race car has over $80,000 invested in the build. It has been built with all of the finest racing components and has only had 6 break-in passes.

The Reher Morrison 565 CID Dart block racing engine is tuned to 1,200 hp, but is capable of producing 2,000 hp with some modification and tuning.


  • VEHICLE MAKE: Pontiac
  • MODEL YEAR: 1966
  • BODY STYLE: 2-Dr Coupe
  • OTHER ID: (if available) Engine ID: DART,
  • INTERIOR COLOR: aluminum
  • EQUIPMENT: See “Vehicle Options” Page
  • Ron Davis aluminum radiator,
  • Electric HiFlo water pump,
  • Frame mounted transmission cooler with electric fan,
  • AN hose fittings,
  • Polished overflow tube,
  • Reher Morrison 565 cu. in. racing motor tuned in at 1200 Hp, Capable of 2000 Hp
  • Dart block,
  • Dart heads,
  • The Blower Shop blower,
  • NOS system,
  • Braided stainless steel fuel lines,
  • Fuel regulator,
  • Fuel pressure gauge,
  • Aluminum valve covers,
  • Electric fuel pump,
  • Polished air scoop,
  • Custom motor mounts,
  • Oil cooler,
  • Guest fuel connector,
  • Master lube pre lube accumulator system
  • MSD ignition,
  • Mallory Super-Mag,
  • AutoMeter Pro controller,
  • Meziere Hi-torque starter,
  • Data Max computer system,
  • Custom exhaust headers,
  • All braided stainless steel lines,
  • All AN line fittings,
  • Tubular A-arms,
  • Front adjustable coil overs,
  • Flip up front clip,
  • Custom fabricated frame, rated at 7.5 sec. class,
  • Wilwood front disc brakes,
  • Reeds Powerglide transmission,
  • Trans brake,
  • SpecRight torque converter,
  • Precision Performance shifter w/race pack,
  • Lexan polycarbonate windshield,
  • Lexan polycarbonate windows,
  • Custom race wiring,
  • Custom aluminum dash,
  • Under dash panel switches,
  • Custom instrument cluster,
  • Pro-Comp II tachometer,
  • AutoMeter Quick Lite,
  • Pro-Cube delay box/timer,
  • Leather wrap race steering wheel,
  • Kirkey Custom Race seat,
  • Impact seat harness,
  • Custom door panels,
  • Door pulls,
  • Race pedals,
  • Crager wheels,
  • New Goodyear 33″ by 27″ rear tires,
  • New Hoosier 25″ by 4.5″ front tires,
  • Custom 4340 chrome moly driveshaft,
  • Drive shaft loop,
  • Custom fabricated fear four-link,
  • Adjustable rear coil overs,
  • 9″ Strange 40 spline aluminum rear end,
  • Strange axles, gun drilled with a spool,
  • Custom fuel cell,
  • Fully tubbed rear section,
  • Trunk mounted batteries,
  • Rear battery cut-off switch,
  • Custom NAPA graphics,
  • Race roll cage,
  • Simpson drag racing chute,
  • Wheelie bar,
  • Removable trunk lid,
  • Removable doors.
























GTO25Sale includes trailer. Offered at $60,000.

For parts and performance info, call Jim 530-221-1552

To purchase, call Joye 530-227-8185

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Angry dog

Throw back Thursday. Here’s a fun image I captured last year in Italy. Not much this stone dog can do about the pigeon on its nose except glare at it.
Dog statue with pigeon

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Have lunch in Redding today

Cafe Pagato lunch

We welcome Jeremy, our new cook, to Caffe Pagato! Jeremy has made Roast Beef Pepperonata sandwiches with Potato Salad today for lunch. #passionforcooking #deliciousness #lunchspecial #caffepagato

Posted by Caffè Pagato on Thursday, April 16, 2015

I’ve posted about this interesting cafe before. You can check out this and other dining destinations at my Redding Area Restaurants page. Go and enjoy eating out; it’s Really Redding.

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Colossal oak on Benton Drive

We had a strong wind last night. I saw some damaged trees around town. This big oak on Benton Drive still stands.
Oak on BentonWe have some big trees in the Redding area. A while back, the wind took one of my favorite big beautiful oaks down. It was located on Deschutes Road. I thought I had a photo of that tree, but sadly I can’t find it. I will try to post more trees. ReallyRedding is a tree city, and there are many standouts.

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Recently and quite inexplicably, my car seems compelled to periodically post this warning.
Speed limitedDuly noted, car. It hasn’t proven to be much of a limitation.

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Joe Friedman break dances

My friend Joe Friedman let me shoot some of his calorie burning break dance moves in Anderson at California Dance Company studio the other day. I put it to music at YouTube.
Thanks, Joe. Your hard work and practice is evident. Below, his audition reel completed:


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Cornerstone Bakery and Cafe in Dunsmuir

You can hardly get more central Dunsmuirian than the Cornerstone. A delightful cafe and bakery next to the California on the main street through town.
Cornerstone Cafe1The interior evokes memories of historic eateries infused with modern hipster vibe. Great colors, and very Dunsmuiresque art pieces on the walls.

Cornerstone Cafe4

Cornerstone Cafe5
Seen below, a trout fisherman seems ready to hook one of their excellent bakery items.
Cornerstone Cafe2The delightful Karry opted for the Cuban Pork Sandwich, slices of pork loin, ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and mojo on a french roll. Not sure what mojo is, but it tasted great. I had a salad and the soup of the day, which was a terrific Clam Chowder, along with a Shasta IPA from one of several taps available.

Cornerstone Cafe6

Cornerstone Cafe7

Cornerstone Cafe8
Being a bakery, they have a selection of fresh desert items on display.
Cornerstone Cafe3I couldn’t find a website for them, but I did find the Cornerstone Bakery and Cafe menu online. It all looks very tasty, and I know we’ll be back to try more of it. Looks like we’re hooked! Open for breakfast and lunch, but not every day, so check ahead. 5759 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025  530-235-4677 .

Just a bit upstream from Really Redding.

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Turning off the comments at

I discovered this by accident. Recently, switched using Facebook to host their reader comments. For a while, I saw no comments on any article. It was a revelation. I really don’t care that much what a random group of strangers thinks about everything written at It was nice.

But then I saw others commenting on Facebook about the comments at (negative comments, of course). So I began to wonder if it was just me who couldn’t see the comments. Sure enough, it was just me.

I use Chrome. I had previously installed a privacy plug-in named  It was not letting Facebook requests into my browser, effectively shutting off the comments.

Disconnect me3
I like this plug-in. The free version lets you see who is tracking you and making requests at various websites, and you can turn them on or off with a software switch. So the default setting turns off the comments at And several other things as well. The plug-in counts 66 things at at my browser:
Disconnect me RS

Obviously you can leave the comments available, and choose not to read them for the same refreshing experience. But just like the ever popular car-wreck-rubbernecker analogy, I just always looked. And doing so, I was nearly always disappointed. The rare insight gained was not nearly valuable enough to offset the barrage of negativity I could not un-see.

So now they are simply switched off.

I suppose I’d forgotten just how pleasant it can be to simply read an article, and move on. No rubbernecking the wreckage. As revelations go, this one wasn’t earth shattering. But it’s been a change for the better.

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The drought is real, but not all California is built in a desert

These images were taken today. A light dusting of snow in April on Castle Crags.
Castle Crags 1280

Castle Crags2 1280April showers bring May flowers in Really Redding.

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A collection of Mediterranean religious imagery for Easter

While looking for images of the farmers market in Valencia for my last post, I realized I had some interesting (at least to me) images of churches and religious imagery from some Mediterranean cities that might make an appropriate post for Easter Sunday.

A couple of notes:
I had been randomly cataloging Redding Church buildings here at Really Redding over the years. I should start that again. In contrast to Europe, Redding churches tend to be utilitarian in design. Perhaps that’s our denomination then, we are mostly Utilitarians here.
The first image in the gallery above, and the animation at the bottom, shows a church riddled with bullet holes from the Spanish Civil War, Saint Felip Neri in Barcelona.

Barcelona church detail


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