City Car Share spotted in Redding

Seen over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s an intriguing concept. Why own a car when you can rent one quickly and easily?City Car ShareRedding is an automobile-centric metropolis.
Good luck getting around here if you don’t have a car.
But owning a car is an expensive proposition. What if you could reserve one by the hour, using an app on your phone? That’s the thinking behind nonprofit City Car Share.
City Car Share2Could it work in Really Redding? With some of the planned urban density now being imagined for downtown Redding, it just might. Certainly worth considering.

I’ve “owned” many cars in my life. Still do. Ultimately their utility comes at a high cost, and the “ownership” is fleeting, illusory. I think many younger people today are more open to the sharing economy, and more easily come to embrace the wisdom that we all ultimately own nothing material. It will be interesting to see if this greater realization helps create a new economy.

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Pros & Joes Grilldown downtown

Block party in Redding today. Actually, several blocks. Competition between local and professional barbeque teams for the tastiest grill, as chosen by popular vote.
ProJoe1Here are a few of the images I captured today.

Like most humans with a both an X and a Y chomosone, I was born believing I too could grill. Over the years having sampled some really heavenly barbecue in other parts of the country, I came to realize my grilling prowess was more delusion than delicious. A tip of the tongs then, to these chefs gathered in Redding today. May the best grill win.
Block parties with a culinary theme. It’s Really Redding.

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Ribbon cut for a cause at Moseley Cellars new tasting room

Proceeds from tonight’s sneak preview ribbon cutting party at the new tasting room went to One SAFE Place.

TR17aThey are doing it again Saturday and Sunday. You should be here. It’s Really Redding.

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Mixing coffee and art into an interesting Brew

Brew is an apropos name for this coffee shop the corner of Pine and Yuba in Redding.
Brew1You can enjoy the tree shaded sidewalk, or the high ceilings and art lined interior space.



Brew5Brew4Centrally located at the corner of Pine and Yuba in Redding, Brew is a good spot for catching up with friends. Seen here, patrons show the telltale signs of ample and tasty caffienation. Brew serves 100% Organic Noble roasts out of Ashland, and there’s more about all that at the link to their website. Brew – Craft Coffee, it’s Really Redding.

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Wayne and Ferguson captivate Redding

Ran into Wayne and his Panther Chameleon at Turtle Bay today, getting coffee. Wayne got the coffee, not Ferguson. Wherever they go, people are curious and transfixed by Ferguson. Click to slightly enlarge image.
He’s gorgeous!

Panther Chameleon3Grandson is not sure what to make of the slow moving reptile.
Panther Chameleon

Panther Chameleon2

Everyone wants a picture of Ferguson, a native species in Madagascar.

Panther Chameleon4Wayne roasts his own coffee, here in Really Redding. so we chatted a bit about that as well. You never know who you’ll meet at the coffee shop at Turtle Bay, but it will always be interesting! It’s Really Redding.

Turtle Bay sign



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A world of waterlillies

Here’s a big pond full of waterlillies just northeast of Redding. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one place before.
WaterlilliesThis pond goes on around the corner. A world of waterlillies in Really Redding.

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Houseboating party on Lake Shasta

Here’s a fun video of some Oregon kids having a big multiple houseboat party on Lake Shasta.

Houseboats and good times. It’s Really Redding.
Bridge Bay houseboats

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Spring time at Wild Thyme

One of our all-time favorite Redding shops. Stopping in here will give you some great ideas for your Spring garden, or a gift for a friend. Here are a few casual images I recently captured, just wandering the store.

1272 Oregon St.
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 247-0320
Wild Thyme Gardens and Gifts of Redding
“Discover Enchantment” It’s Really Redding.

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Counting blessings

Counting two today. The lovely Karry holding our grandaughter, in the backyard. #PeakJoy #BlessedBeyondWords
Grandaughter and grandma outside 1280 -2

Grandaughter and grandma outside 1280Click to embiggen; this is ReallyRedding.

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A Redding panorama

These images of Redding were captured yesterday from the Veranda of a home I just listed for sale. It is a beautiful view. Click to enlarge.
Another excellent marketing image from The Address Realty

Sunset from the Veranda 3

Another excellent marketing image from The Address Realty

Another excellent marketing image from The Address RealtyA truly breathtaking view. It’s also a gorgeous home. And it’s for sale. It’s ReallyRedding.

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