Kayaks and paddle boarders

Right here in downtown Redding California. This group just enjoying the day on the mighty Sacramento River. Kayaks Kayaks2


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Please Trespass


Ran into this unusual sign on a dirt road in Shasta Lake.  Please Trespass.Please TrespassNot sure what to make of it. Being as how it’s marijuana harvest season here in Shasta County, I’m disinclined to venture around that bend to find out.

An enigma, then.  Let me know what’s over there if you go down that road.


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Old Millhouse Deli in Redding


If you are looking for a taste of funky, old time Redding, yeah… they serve that here at Old Millhouse Deli.
It’s been around a long time, and managed to evade much change. We are reminded of the relaxed and unpretentious restaurants and delicatessens that sprinkled Shasta County from the late ’70s. Places like Le Chamois on Market Street, or at least a half dozen other pecky cedar palaces whose names have faded over time. The vibe has not faded, however.Millhouse 7-720Millhouse5-1280Millhouse 4-1280Above, the fresh potato salad side. Below, the chicken sandwich is a standout, moist and satisfying. The lovely Karry had a BLT. We’ve eaten here countless times over the years. It’s one of the few restaurants near Whiskeytown Lake.Millhouse 3-1280

Millhouse10-1280Looking for nouvelle cuisine coupled with contemporary atmospherics and free wi-fi? Old Millhouse has none of that. But if you want a course of authentic Old Shasta with a side of ’70s funk, well you just hit the jackpot.

The Old Millhouse Deli has a Facebook Page, but I’m not finding a website. It’s not that kind of place, really. They are semi-famous for epic pizza and music on the outdoor patio, but this drought year, you may not get that full experience. Also, the last time we were there, the sign out front was shattered into pieces, so you might need your GPS to even find the place.

Worth it.

4478 Eureka Way (Hwy 299W) Redding Ca 96001. Phone 241 9011.

Really, really Redding.



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Digging Dunsmuir’s Dogwood Diner

Dogwood front 1280Another great Dunsmuir dining experience awaits you at the Dogwood Diner.
Dogwood dining 1280DogwoodFries1280Here are some lunch dishes we’ve sampled. Often the “Panini of the Moment” is well worth trying, as is the Macro Bowl. Augmented by homemade ketchup and garlic aoli.
Dogwood panini 1280It’s within/adjacent to the Brown Trout Gallery Vintage Emporium, so you can shop for gifts and other necessities. DogwoodDecor2-1280 DogwoodDecor3-1280 DogwoodDecor4-1280 DogwoodDecor1280The emporium side has a creek flowing beneath it. You can see and hear it under the floor. Also they have a koi pond in the window. I mean, who doesn’t?
DogwoodKoi1280And this being Dunsmuir, you can watch the trains go by. They also offer outdoor seating.DogwoodWindow1280

Wednesday through Sunday – 8 am to 9 pm (Closed Monday and Tuesday)

Breakfast: 8 am – 11 am  Lunch: 11 am – 5 pm  Dinner: 5 pm – close

5841 Sacramento Avenue  Dunsmuir, CA 96025  (530) 678-3502

Menus and more at the Dogwood Diner website.

Well worth the beautiful drive from Really Redding.

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Antlers Bridge fish sculpture painting

Capture a couple images of the new Antlers bridge decor while zooming by on Interstate 5. You can see the workers painting scales, for scale.

Fish painting on Bridge Fish painting on Bridge2Not workers, then. Artists. Anyway I posted about the Antlers Bridge artwork here before.  I didn’t know it would be painted. It seems like the end product will only be visible from the lake, and only when the lake is near full at that.  For now, you can catch a glimpse from I-5.

Bridge. Art. It’s Really Redding.

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Sundial Bridge webcam

The Sundial Bridge webcam keeps you updated on the iconic Redding art-bridge status from your desk or mobile device. Click on the image for the current feed.Sundial webcam

It’s a bridge! it’s art! It’s Really Redding.


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A Redding reflection on life

Saturday we attended the service for fellow Realtor and friend Larry Mays, along with a few hundred others in Redding. He’d suffered a terminal illness for quite some time, so had time enough even to prepare a video, speaking as though from beyond the veil to those gathered. It made for a reflective weekend. Ultimately, we all have this terminal illness called life.

What would you say in your video to those gathered to celebrate your life?

Larry and Sandy dance at their 60th wedding anniversary several years ago

Larry and Sandy dance at their 60th wedding anniversary several years ago

It was a beautiful service. He lived a full life and has seventeen great grandchildren. I tell myself I should not be sad to see him go. Instead, I should be happy that I met him.

But I was sad.

Reflection, it’s Really Redding.


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A dragonfly on a dragonfly sculpture

Yep, that’s what it is.

Dragonfly1 Dragonfly2Looks like some wing damage there. Just a pleasant image from Really Redding.

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Bold action to protect future generations

To me, the danger seems clear enough. Some won’t agree. Even if you don’t, the potential calamity that awaits our grandkids is too much to risk. And so we must err to the side of caution in any event. This is a step in the right direction. We have a leader who can at least acknowledge the danger of inaction.

As I post this, the forest around Redding is ablaze with massive wildfire and our skies are muddy brown. We are in the 4th year of a terrible drought. Is this just a glimpse of our future?

It’s not worth the risk. We need action now.
Caidence with flag

Climate Rob Elvington

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Thirsty birds find water in Redding

Given the drought, it has seemed like a decadent pleasure to run our fountain. Especially so during these last several hottest days of Summer. But the local birds surely enjoy it. Local wildlife must be impacted by drought too.

Fountain bird

Fountain bird2
This bird is certainly thirsty.
Fountain-birdRedding has it’s share of tough old birds.
Crow Fountain
We have water. It’s Really Redding.

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