Redding’s new Bike Hub under construction

So this video is from last November, as you may guess from all the Fall foliage surrounding the scene. Fun to see the sunlight gleaming on the copper roof. Construction is very much farther along at this point. Still very exciting to see! 

If you are riding the “Diestelhorst to Downtown” bike path from the Sacramento River to Downtown Redding, this is where you end up. All that trail and bike path is protected from cars for biking, and then from here on in to Redding it isn’t. It remains very dangerous to ride anywhere in downtown from here. So awesome, a challenge to fight with literally hostile Redding car drivers on city streets. Awesome so long as you harbor a death wish, unfortunately. Not recommended. Sigh.

But, at the Bike Hub, you will be able to rent an electric bike to safely take on the Sacramento River Trail. Also a new pub based on Mt. Shasta’s famed Pipeline will beckon the hungry and thirsty. Should be an excellent bike hub, indeed!

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