Gironda’s Chicago Style Italian Food in Redding

We hear Gironda’s is now open for lunch, and decided to check it out.

Above, our attentive server Garret serves up Sautéed clams with garlic butter and shallots infused with fresh herbs and lemon, deglazed with white wine and chili flakes. Superb.

Below, a very fresh seafood salad. Shrimp, crab, cherry tomatoes, on a bed of mixed greens served with homemade Louie dressing and lemon wedge. Click any image to enlarge.

Above, house lasagna for lunch gets some added Romano. Layers of pasta, mozzarella, ricotta and homemade meat sauce baked to perfection. Surprising to find fresh tomatoes in the lasagna, which add subtle texture to an often overdone and bland dish.

Black granite tabletops lend an understated elegance, coupled with black napkin table settings. The bare concrete floors look somewhat rough in the photos, but all that texture adds a post-modern touch of style when experienced in person.


Easily recognizable art from Redding artist Armando Mejorado graces the boldly colored walls. His work suits the space very well. Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and music in a similar genre completes the scene. Entirely appropriate.girondas6
girondas10Soup of the day was a creamy chicken artichoke. Very Tuscan.

Now open for lunch. Located in a nondescript building in a semi industrial neighborhood, one which might comfortably host a more working-class diner, Gironda’s exceeds all expectations Link to their comprehensive menu: and friend on facebook:’ve spent no small amount of time in Chicago. Girondas accurately captures the Italian cuisine often seen there, but spins it with an authentic Neo-Redding vibe. You should check it out, too. You won’t be disappointed. Gironda’s is Really Redding.

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