Build It in Redding

Spring 2016 classes have been posted for this wonderful Redding after school program, Build It. Classes include:

Lego Robotics
Scratch Computer Programming
Arduino and Electronics
Javascript and HTML
Stop-Motion Animation

As a child, I would have absolutely eaten this stuff up. How terrific that we have this available to today’s Redding youth. Even though I’m in real estate, barely a day goes by that I don’t need to code something in HTML or CSS. It would have been a lot easier to learn as a kid!

Build it

Build It’s Core Values from their About page:

We believe

  • Education is fun
  • When there is passion, there is education
  • Freedom is one of most empowering vehicle of education
  • Creativity is more important than knowledge
  • Generosity multiplies open mind and effortless learning

Therefore we

  • make it fun for everyone come in contact with Build It: paid or non-paid students, parents, social workers, staff, classes, camps, birthday parties, charity events,…
    recognize the spark, and light it on fire!
  • give staff the freedom to run
  • staff give students as much freedom as possible
  • the goal is not to obtain knowledge, but to promote creativity
  • give generously, time, resource, knowledge, and ideas

Build It. That’s Really Redding.


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