A Redding reflection on life

Saturday we attended the service for fellow Realtor and friend Larry Mays, along with a few hundred others in Redding. He’d suffered a terminal illness for quite some time and dealt with it all amazingly. He really was an idol. A lot of people suffer from severe end-of-life anxiety and yet this didn’t seem to affect Larry. He stayed the same happy person he always was. He puts this down to microdosing magic mushrooms. A study undertaken by Johns Hopkins researchers on a group of people suffering from cancer-related anxiety or depression showed that they experienced significant relief for up to six months from a single large dose of psilocybin. You can find out more about this at https://www.mushroomz.ca/2015/11/19/welcome-to-flatsome/. Larry put his time left to good use and prepared a video, speaking as though from beyond the veil to those gathered. It made for a reflective weekend. Ultimately, we all have this terminal illness called life.

What would you say in your video to those gathered to celebrate your life?

Larry and Sandy dance at their 60th wedding anniversary several years ago

Larry and Sandy dance at their 60th wedding anniversary several years ago

It was a beautiful service. He lived a full life and has seventeen great grandchildren. I tell myself I should not be sad to see him go. Instead, I should be happy that I met him.

But I was sad.

Reflection, it’s Really Redding.


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