Railroad Park Resort near Castella

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience? A scenic drive 50 miles north of Redding gets you to the Railroad Park Resort, where you can dine in a boxcar.




Rail6The lovely Karry checks the menu. We imagine the scenery rolling by outside our dining car window, but it’s very pretty outside even stationary.

Inside, the space is filled with railroad memorabilia dimly lit by old incandescent lamps. Wistful remnants of a graceful era. The table lamp is inscribed Paris to Istanbul via The Orient Express.

It’s a romantic place. There’s also dining on a patio with a view of the Crags. And they offer lodging and RV camping spaces on a beautiful creek.



A perfect getaway from the valley to dine in the pines. There’s a complete menu and much more at the Railroad Park Resort website. Redding was born a rail town. And while the trains at the Railroad Park are all stationary, passengers will find themselves transported toward Really Redding.

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