East Valley Times a source for Palo Cedro area news

After featuring The Anderson Standard local news portal a couple days ago, it makes sense to post about The East Valley Times. Based in Palo Cedro, they cover smaller northstate communities east of Redding like Millville, Whitmore, Bella Vista, Jones Valley, Round Mountain, Oak Run, Montgomery Creek, Shingletown, and Manton. They are both online and in newsprint, which is published twice monthly, the first and third Thursdays of the month. East Valley TimesAt the website, you can opt to read it like a newspaper, as they have pdf versions of their print issues uploaded. They also mail to subscribers and have newstands in the area.

Like Anderson, these communities are adjacent to Redding in Shasta County. So they become part of our greater Redding ecosystem of information. It’s good to see the East Valley Times surviving and thriving, evidently enjoying community support. As I wrote about The Anderson Standard:

Every town needs a newspaper. Or its online functional equivalent. A lot of people get their news through social media lately, and that has created some unintended consequences. A newspaper with journalistic standards (or its online functional equivalent) can unite and inform in a way that is truly healthy for democracy. And unhealthy to be without.

Our best wishes for success go to The East Valley Times. You can also Like East Valley Times on Facebook. Carry on.

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