Dunsmuir Brewery Works, indeed it does.

This excellent brewpub is about 50 scenic miles north of Redding, in Dunsmuir.

Perhaps a good thing. If it were any closer, we might never eat anywhere else.

Dunsmuir brewery2The Mahi Mahi tacos are terrific with a hit of Cholula. And the Imperial Red Ale is both sublime and suitably imperious. All on a fine Fall day, outside on the patio.

Dunsmuir Fish tacos

An Ahi sandwich. Also a recurring favorite, the carnitas street tacos. A-Okay.


Evidently it was once a gas station on Old 99. A different sort of fuel now. But equally welcome for a traveler.


They have inside seating too, but we’ve only ever eaten on the patio.DunsmuirBrewery3Welcome to Dunsmuir2“Welcome to Dunsmuir. We’re glad you’re here.” And you will be too.

Dunsmuir and their Brewery Works has a website, somewhat north of Really Redding.


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